Business Gas: Getting the Best Deal and Reducing your Usage

The topic of energy prices remains a contentious issue. In the current financial climate it is vital that businesses streamline their costs and keep regular outgoings – such as gas bills – to a minimum. In this guide we’ll talk you through some top tips to ensure your business not only gets the best deal, but also reduces its gas consumption.

Search Around for the Best Deal

As a commercial premises owner you should already be on a business tariff. Many energy companies now have specific business packages available to their customers, so search around for the best deal. Energy comparison sites are the best way to do this as they allow you to search for best supplier's rates and find the best deal. Remember that if you are not glad with your suppliers’ tariff you can switch to a better one.

Dual Tariffs aren’t Always Best

Dual energy tariffs – where you use the same supplier for both electricity and gas – can provide a cheaper overall package. However, while it is well worth considering switching to the same supplier for all your energy needs and trying to negotiate a deal with the provider directly, you may find it’s cheaper to use separate companies.

You have the Power

If you are a business gas user it’s obvious you’ll be using more gas than the average family household, so it’s important to remember this puts you in a better position for negotiating better rates. Even though some companies out there do have policies of not negotiating, there are some that will so at the very least it’s worth asking.

Purchase an Energy Usage Monitor

A great way of checking how much gas you’re using and where savings could be made is to install an energy usage monitor. This gadget estimates in real time how much gas you’re using and shows how different appliances affect consumption. Old appliances are not so energy efficient. Although replacing items such as boiler can be daunting and come with high costs. If you are about to replace it with energy-efficient appliances have in mind that it will save you money in the long term.

Is your Staff Wasting Gas?

While you may be aware of every item your business uses that runs on gas your staff may not. You can help them to realise just how big an impact gas bills have on your business by openly discussing it with them and instructing them to be more aware of their gas usage. Even the simplest of things like switching off gas powered appliances directly after use can help to reduce your bills.

Check your Bills!

Many business owners do not check their gas bills when they appear in the post box. Prices can go up and tariffs can be changed without you even knowing about it. Be sure to always check your gas bills and be on the lookout for any changes. If you do notice changes, contact your provider and ask them to explain the reason(s) for this.

Gas bills can be a major cost to the average business, but by following these tips and continuing to search around for the best deal, you should be able to, at the very least, reduce what you are currently paying.