Beginner’s Guide To: Buying Experience Days Gifts

Engrossed in work and daily chores, we sometimes forget how to derive joy from life. If one morning you wake up with this thought in mind, you need not worry. There is a way out of this vicious circle and it is better to not jump from one extreme into the other, but rather start in little sips. Experience days are all about changing your lifestyle for a day. Gifts of this kind can take many forms, in line with the rich palette of characters that people have. From car racing to having tea at the Ritz Hotel, they are all designed to help you walk into the shoes of a VIP, enjoying every single moment like an experienced hedonist would.

Up to adrenaline?

Those who want the adrenaline rush to make their blood boil, then you might be after car racing. Fans of Formula 1 and rally cars can enjoy the ride of their life with the vehicles put to top shape by world-level mechanics. Race at your best, then enjoy a pit stop, all in a place frequented by your idol.

Or you have dreamed about flying? There are flying lessons in an aircraft and skydiving training, which for novices can start with a practise session indoors and for experts can lead you outdoors breathing thin air in the deep blue sky.

Up for modelling?

Experience models' preparations for the catwalk with professional make-up stylists. Or become part of a photo session which will frame you and your family part in unforgettable pictures that you will love revisiting time and over again. Among all these you can find gift for revitalising massage or champagne spa for treating your body and soul.

Wander and wonder?

Tours are out there which will take you and your partner into empty stadiums, seeing everything from sportspeople's point of view. Get out there in the field, have the bird's eye over it, get into the locker rooms, see the gyms of stars. Those who need to relax you can buy a voucher for a short spa break or a weekend trip.

Serenity and glitz?

If you love having tea or coffee with friends, then you can opt for an unforgettable stay in restaurants and cafes that is usually open to the rich and famous. Whether tea or dinner, experience the ostentatious side of life that you usually read and hear about. - here you can find everything from jumping out of a plane to a wine tasting to vineyard tours. You can buy gift vouchers for her, him or couples and even for the little ones. offers you a wider range of offers which will delight you with the broad range of price tags for your gifts. You can enjoy spa breaks or workshop classes.

Gifts of all kinds are waiting for you at Virgin Experience Days. Allow yourself some time to check everything in stock so as to choose what you need. Then get prepared for a rare sip of joy.