A Consumer's guide to Disney tickets

If you’re looking forward to purchasing your Disney tickets and are yet to look at the pricing then you may want to read this guide to making a saving before doing so. It’s no secret that Disney Tickets can amount to rather a large outlay when planning a holiday, but even so, many consumers are surprised at just how much they are. So in this guide we tell you about some of the ways you can save on your Disney tickets as well as other factors you need to consider when booking them.

Making a saving on your Disney tickets

Disney World versus Disney Land

Needless to say there’s a huge difference between the price of tickets for Disney World (Florida) when compared to Disney Land (Paris). As well as this you also have to think about flights and accommodation. So whilst Disney World, Florida is certainly the bigger, more extravagant Disney centre, Disney Land makes for just an impressive theme park for children and the saving that you make can amount to another holiday in itself!

Booking your tickets separately versus booking a package deal

Don’t presume that package deals that bundle your transport, accommodation and Disney tickets together are always going to work out cheaper than booking the elements separately. Very often if you take the time to do extensive research, you’ll be able to find deals through websites such as hotel and flight price search engines.

Waiting for sale times

If you’re prepared to wait a little while to make a saving then the sale times for Disney are generally at the beginning of the year when holiday operators are pushing their post Christmas discounts. If you choose to wait for this time then it’s probably wise to not tell the children until you’re all booked up!

Buying tickets for your family holiday may save on your budget as there is a difference in the cost for adults and children. Look also for exclusive offers for half price passes or a 5 day pass at the price of 10 day pass.

Booking during the summer holidays

Going abroad during the school holidays is always going to be significantly more expensive than going during term time. However, with recent law changes parents now no longer have the option of when they holiday (despite previously being able to take their children out of school at the head master’s discretion). However you should be aware that prices can be slightly cheaper towards the end of the school summer holidays.

Other factors to consider when booking Disney tickets

Researching the local area

It pays to research the local area, whether it be Florida or Paris, as the prices of the drinks and food within the Disneyland or Disneyworld ground attracts a significant premium. As well as this however you’ll probably want to have a day or two away from the grounds to explore the regions outside of the Disney walls!