Why you need an iPod touch in your life

The launch of the iPod touch in 2007 changed the MP3 world for ever; it was the first to seamlessly integrating gaming, social media and internet browsing with a portable music player; being built upon the successes of previous iPods it already benefitted from Apple’s reputation as a craftsman electronics manufacturer.

However given that 7 in 10 people in the UK own a smartphone it may be tempting to think that the iPod touch looses its appeal; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Apple not only knows electronics, they also know their market. In this review we look at the many reasons why a person must have an iPod touch in their life.

Starting at around £190 the iPod Touch is not exactly an insignificant investment, yet Apple have sold over 100 million of these devices since their conception. Their current offering is the 4 inch screen, 16GB iPod touch. Apple has moved away from offering multiple specs and has started to concentrate on a singular iPod.

Being the fifth in its generation, the iPod Touch is now a far cry from its first generation cousin; it has an impressive retina display and duel core A5 processor. It also boasts a HD camera that can take front photos and allow its user to FaceTime with other Apple customers.

For a person that is a game addict, constant photo opportunist or need to stream, a lot, then you may need either the 32GB or 64GB version; however for everyone else, the iPod Touch 5 is perfect. Additionally if you absolutely require a front facing camera (such as the Instagram selfie addicts) then these versions are the way to go too. However the fifth generation does have size on its side; it is thinner and lighter than any of the previous models, and if we’re talking about sound quality then you’ll be hard pressed to beat the iPod touch with even the most expensive of MP3s. The iPod Touch 5 only furthers its music quality, as the new and improved earphones come into their own.

All in all the iPod Touch is a must for any music or game lover or social media addict; it offers much to any smart phone user, despite the fact that you probably have most of its features on your phone.

Whether you plump for the fifth generation or the previous models for more storage and better camera specs, the iPod Touch truly is a must have item.

The sales figures of the iPod touch are testament to this fact and of course Apple’s loyal following further demonstrate the quality of their products; Apple is, and always will be a mark of quality and owning any of their products is nothing short of a joy to behold.