A Guide to: Buying Flowers Online

The growing the online flower market continues to attract thousands of consumers every year. However with online services like this that sees you purchase and take delivery of a gift without viewing it first hand, you need to take steps to ensure that the intended recipient is going to receive a gift of genuine quality. In this guide we talk you through the process of buying flowers online.

Use a Reputable Supplier

Before purchasing any flowers you should ensure the reputation of the online shop you’re considering using is solid. Check consumer review websites for people’s past experiences, you may also wish to check their social media accounts to see if there are any indications of previous client opinion.

Finding the Right Bouquet

Flower shopping online has never been simpler and today online stores guide you through the process of buying your gift with ease for either Mother's day, St. Valentine or a birthday. There's a wide variety of flowers to choose from - roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, freesias and lot more, arranged in luxury, stylish, modern or vintage bouquets. Their websites allow you to narrow down the specific item you want by letting you search for bouquets by type, occasion and colour. You can also refine your search further to include a price range.

Additionally there’s the option to garner a bouquet with a gift of your choosing be it a bottle of champagne, wine, sweets and chocolates or cards that contain special messages. Assembling your floral arrangement and gifts in a basket is perfect for those extra special occasions.

Flowers or Plants?

If you are, as more and more people are these days, looking for something that’s a little bit more unique than a bouquet of flowers, in such instances there are plenty of suppliers that stock ornate plants that can be delivered. These gifts are perfect for those looking for a gift that will last longer than a week.

Always Keep Price in Mind

Shopping online is only a happy experience when you know the price, and whilst all online flower sellers should display the price of their bouquets directly next to the item in question, you may find that added extras at the end, such as delivery, push the price of your gift way up. While you should expect to pay a reasonable amount for delivery, there are some rogue companies that charge small fortunes for getting a bouquet to you. Before you start browsing any online store you should check the delivery cost before you do anything else.

Order in Plenty of Time

There are plenty of online florists that offer same/next day delivery for those that have left their flower ordering until the last minute; however this service attracts a significant premium, and so you should avoid this situation where possible. Check what are the terms for ordering before a certain time of the day to make sure the flowers will be delivered on time and on a certain date.

Money Saving Tips

- Find out what flowers are in season where you are. This will reduce delivery costs as your purchase won’t need to be shipped from far away.

- Compare Prices between different online florists to see which one offers the best deal. Take into account factors such as the price of flowers, delivery costs and any other related charges.

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