Montblanc Pens: An Overview

Montblanc pens are the crème de la crème when it comes to pens; they are of the highest quality and seen as a luxury item that can be the perfect present or that special purchase. They are best known for their timeless elegance, simple design and high quality materials – such as platinum and gold. In this guide we take a look at Montblanc as a company and what it is that makes their pens so special and admired by so many.


Montblanc was founded in 1906 by an interesting collection of professional people, including: Claus-Johannes Voss (a stationer), Alfred Nehemias (a banker) and August Eberstein (an engineer).

The company has always targeted the high end market, and in 1977, after being acquired by Dunhill they stopped producing lower priced pens and broadened out into other luxury items such as watches, jewellery and perfumes.

The Range

Montblanc produce eight different models of pen, which we’ll talk you through below, as well as writing accessories to compliment the range.

Meisterstuck: The signature pen of Montblanc, it has been in production since 1924 and epitomises the brand in terms of quality and classic style.

Starwalker: This Rhodium plated pen gains its name from Montblanc’s beautiful attempt at a pen that is as mysterious as it is handsome.

Heritage: The Heritage pen is a direct result of over one hundred years of evolving craftsmanship; this pen represents Montblanc’s history as a high quality pen maker.

Cruise Collection: Celebrating the lightness of summer with precious resin in bright cheerful colours.

Bohème: The Bohème is Montblanc’s most bejewelled pen; it features an extremely intricate pattern on the gold nib. Discover the attention to detail in the precious materials and stones.

Muses Edition: Dedicated to the feminine icons of the 20th Century, this edition of writing instruments radiates the same elegance and aura as their counterparts. It is an inspired piece based on women such as Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

Great Characters Collection: with this edition Montblanc pays tribute to influential people of the previous century who left their mark on history – including John F Kennedy and John Lennon. These instruments commemorate the personalities of these characters and the legacies they left behind.

Writers Edition: A relatively recent (1992) edition to the Montblanc collection, these pens honour and pay homage to the world’s most famous authors whose work has had a lasting impact and remains relevant to this day.


As well as quality writing instruments Montblanc also produces a range accessories to that can be tailored to your pen, such as nib cleaner units, greetings cards and envelopes.

Why are Montblanc pens so expensive?

Each of the pens produced by Montblanc are unique, handmade, made with properly selected materials. They are expensive to buy and they hold their value but don't expect to get more than you paid for at a certain point in the future. 

Money Saving Tips

- There are several websites offering huge discounts on a range of Montblanc pens, so it’s well worth checking them out to see the potential savings that can be made.

- Use reputable site and watch out for counterfeits. Use previous customer reviews of a site your on to see what previous people have said as this is a good way of judging a sites reputation. Counterfeits are particularly prevalent on sites like eBay so beware of any new sellers with little or no previous feedback.

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