Enjoy Crystal Clear Conversations with Hearing Aids

If you haven’t been hearing so well lately, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. Muffled conversations and hard to hear television programs can test your patience, whether your hearing loss is a result of old age or a recent illness or infection. Hearing aids are here to help, and there are various different types of hearing aids to choose from. This handy guide will help you to navigate the various kinds of hearing aids and find the one which is best for you.

A Serious Problem


There are 4 million people in the UK with some kind of hearing loss who should be wearing a hearing aid but don’t. These people are missing out on a product which could really help to change their lives. Hearing aids in the past were ugly and bulky, but the aids of today are slim, funky looking and colourful and available in a range of styles and types.


What are the Benefits


The benefits to wearing a hearing aid are plentiful; here are just a few:

• Provided you still have some level of hearing, the hearing aid will make sounds clearer and louder. Conversations will be easier!

• Watching television is easier as it doesn’t need to be on full volume

• Wearing a hearing aid can help you to feel less self-conscious when involved in conversation as you can hear everything more clearly


What Types of Hearing Aids are Available?

There are both analogue and digital aids available to choose from, but all of them are battery operated. There are three main different styles available:

• Behind the ear – this hearing aid is worn behind the ear

• In the ear – this hearing aid sits in the outer ear

• In the canal – this hearing aid sits in the ear canal

A digital hearing aid will normally be more expensive than an analogue one, although it’s possible to have a digital hearing aid prescribed through the NHS. There are a variety of other types of hearing aids to choose from that are less common, including body-worn hearing aids and bone conduction hearing aids.

Bear in mind that particular finding the right model, brand ans techology hearing aids can be dificult. Even if two people are with the same hearing loss they may need diferent type hearing aids

How Much do They Cost?

It’s possible to buy hearing aids privately or get them free on the NHS. If buying privately, you’ll usually have the widest choice of styles and types of hearing aid, so this is the best option for anyone who is worried about how a hearing aid may look. By finding hearing impairment services in your area, it’s easy to seek advice on the type of hearing aid that might be best for you and find local suppliers where you can have a hearing aid fitted.

Find hearing aids online

Hidden Hearing are professionals that will help in any way to have a satisfied customer with clear hearing. You can book a free hearing test with them online and they will take you from there.

Specsavers, believe it or not, have a hearing site where you will see a lot of helpful information on hearing aids.


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