Sight Correction With Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has become such an effective and safe method for sight correction that reputable eye sight clinics now tout having conducted hundreds of thousands of procedures. These make for unsurprising figures, given that procedures have been based upon advanced technology from the very start, and the stringent suitability checks, level of surgeon expertise and high quality after-care all mean that laser eye surgery has success rates close to the 100% mark. Before taking the eye correction journey, you should know what to expect.

Are eligible or not?

The first part, as already mentioned above, is the suitability check. You need to show up for an eye test and have an optometrist verify whether you are eligible for an operation. Since all eyes have their individual characteristics, it is important that you check if some of them would be impaired after a surgical intervention such as laser eye surgery. No qualified company would skip this check, and if you feel that your possible provider hasn't taken thorough checks then it is advisable to use another company.

Which treatment is suitable to you?

Unless you want to entrust the eye surgeon 100%, without ever knowing what you will be subject to, you should learn the details of the available surgical eye correction procedures. Your inquiry should start with LASIK and LASEK. These are the two main forms of laser eye surgery, however they do not form an exhaustive list of what's available on the market. Individual clinics can offer yet more alternatives.

LASIK surgery

LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis and involves a laser working underneath what is known as your corneal flap whilst it is in situ; this procedure works to reshape your cornea (officially known as the keratomileusis).

The laser used is an extremely advanced form of technology and is known as an excimer laser; using this device surgeons can correct refractive errors and improve vision to a point of the person never needing glasses again.

LASEK surgery

LASEK laser eye surgery (also known as Laser epithelial keratomileusis) is a form of procedure that uses many of the practices of older vision correction procedures. This procedure can be used where a person has astigmatism, short-sightedness or long-sightedness.


When choosing a procedure, make sure you do the price comparison as well. Check out the price of individual treatments at individual clinics, figure out the payment schemes on offer, related APRs in case of phased-out schemes. Note that some treatments go in combination with others. For example, Wavefront and IntraLase tend to go hand in hand with LASIK and LASEK. This will also result in a different price.


When choosing a procedure, make sure you do the price comparison as well. Check out the price of individual treatments at individual clinics, figure out the payment schemes on offers and compare the related APRs if you're opting for finance. Note that some treatments go in combination with others.

General advice when choosing your laser eye surgery provider

Bear in mind the following tips when searching for a laser eye surgery provider:

Don't base your choice on price alone,

Don't be tempting in on an offer alone, no matter how good it is,

- Check out consumer opinion of previous customers,

Research your surgeon's success rates.

- The result of laser eye surgery is permanent.

- Laser eye surgery is not painful.


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