Business Electricity: Reducing your Bills and Usage

If you are a business or commercial property owner, then the increases in energy prices we have seen in recent years will no doubt be having an adverse affect on your profit margins. In this guide you can look at some of the ways you can reduce your electricity bills, as well as cut down on your electricity use.

Negotiate your Rates

As a business customer you will be using a lot more electricity than the average private household. This means that you are in a position to negotiate your electricity rates with your supplier and potentially come away with a better deal for your business. If you are a particularly heavy user of electricity, it may be worthwhile contacting an agency that specialises in brokering the best deals for businesses.

Use Price Comparison Sites

Comparison websites are great for businesses. They allow you to search through hundreds of suppliers and show the best deals that suit your needs. Comparing quotes will give you an idea of what up-to-date rates are and then you can easily switch to a provider with better tariff and lower your monthly bill for energy.

Purchase an Energy Usage Monitor

A great way of checking how much electricity you’re using and where savings could be made is to install an energy usage monitor. This gadget estimates in real time how much electricity you’re using, shows how different appliances affect consumption and will help you to indentify any of your current appliances that aren’t up to scratch. Although replacing items such as these can be daunting and come with high costs. Opting for energy-efficient appliances to replace them will save you money in the long term.

Reduce Electricity Usage

While you may be aware of every item your business uses that runs on electricity, your staff may not. You can help them to realise just how big an impact electricity bills have on your business by openly discussing it with them and instructing them to be more aware of their usage. Even the simplest of things like not leaving electrical appliances on standby will help to reduce your bills too. Using motion detection devices and automatic dimmers or taking advantage of natural day light will also lower on your electricity usage.

Check your Bills!

Many business owners do not check their electricity bills thoroughly enough when they arrive on the doorstep. Prices can go up and tariffs can be changed without you even knowing about it. Be sure to always check your bills and be on the lookout for any changes. If you do notice changes, contact your provider and ask them to explain the reason(s) for this.

This guide should give you some ideas as to how you can reduce your electricity costs. However you should always keep on top of your bills and be on the lookout for any change in rate or tariff. Additionally you should continue to compare the rates of your current provider to those of the competition to make sure you really are getting the best deal.