Full guide to: Opting for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has made a women's (and some men's) dream come true. This highly effective treatment sees 60 to 90% of your unwanted hair gone after a reasonable waiting period. What is more, it is suitable for all skin types and is painless. In being too good to be true, it puts you on the alert whether there is no hidden downside attached. You may relax, there is none indeed yet be prepared to undergo an extended round of procedures and to take skin protection measures while treated.

Start with a consultation

Before subjecting yourself to the procedure, you need to consult on-site with a laser hair specialist. Since the procedure entails focused light penetrating your epidermis, a specialist needs to analyse your skin to determine how intensive the laser beam should be to prevent any abnormal melanin behaviour. The expert decision on the most appropriate procedure also depends on the skin type and colour as well as hair growth and its close inspection is a must.

How many treatments

To achieve best results, you will have to undergo anywhere from six to 10 procedures, depending on your skin type and hair. After each treatment, you have to avoid for 24 hours any heat treatment such as sun bathing, saunas, etc. to ensure you do not subject your skin to excessive light and heating stress. You are likely to not need another procedure for about a year.

Results are visible after

Usually, results are seen in about 14-21 days since the effective destruction of the hair follicle takes more than a single session. Usually, the first series of sessions achieves temporary destruction of the hair follicle, the outcome closely resembling the one of waxing. Permanent results need several series about 1.5 months apart.

Side effects

As any procedure there are some side effects which need to be known in advance so they don't come as a surprise. 

- Redness and irritation - this is a very common side effect which heals up quickly usually. 

- Crusting - this is another common side effect which passes by quickly. 

- Changes in skin colour - people with lighter skin can experience darker pigmentation and vice versa - people with darker skin may notice lighter pigmentation. This side effect fades away over time.

- Eye injury - it may affect your eyes especially if the procedure is carried out in you facial area.

- Skin infection - there is always this risk that your skin will not respond well to the laser beam and become infected. The area then must be treated as a wound until it heals up. 

The Harley Medical Group offers laser hair removal for all areas. The provider offers full visibility into the essence of the procedure and its prices for a single procedure, 4 procedures, 8 procedures for each treated area.

Amerejuve has laser hair removal for men and women alike. Besides, it also offers flexible payment plans under which you can pay up to £50 a month yet beware that you are to pay APR of as high as 11%.

At Tria, you are given the chance to perform the laser hair removal procedure in the comfort of your home. By buying the hair removal laser, you get a clinically proven device which can offer results comparable to the ones offered in laser hair removal site.

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