A complete guide to Dental Implants

In recent years there has been more advancement than ever before within the dental industry. This means that gone are the days of suffering a tooth loss and having to put up with bridges or other similarly inconvenient solutions. However whilst there are more and more people undergoing dental implants every day, many can be confused as to just what a dental implant is and what issues they can solve. To this end here we answer the main questions that may be asked by a person who is considering dental implants.

What are dental implants?

In case you have missing teeth, placing a dental implant is a good way to change your smile and make your mouth naturally beautiful. Just be prepared that the price for that is pretty high. And of course there is a reason for that. Dental implants are where a screw is used to secure an implant within the jaw. This implant can be as a replacement for either a singular tooth, or numerous (where in the latter instance more than one screw and implant would be used). Whilst this may sound like a particularly painful process the procedure is managed with pain relief and the majority of patients only report a moderate level of pain.

How much do Dental Implants cost?

Dental implants vary significantly in price and it is almost impossible to gain an idea of what this may be without seeing a professional. That said dental implants can range, generally, from £1000 up to £2500.

The price of your dental implant will likely depend on the following factors: your physical condition (both generally and in relation to your oral health), the implant type, the imaging required and the placement of the dental implant.

How can you choose a reputable dental implant provider?

First and foremost you should never consider seeking out the cheapest dental implant provider. Whilst tracking down a bargain is quite appropriate when shopping for clothes or other similar items you need to consider that this is, after all, a medical procedure. For this reason you should place great importance on seeking a provider with a great reputation. Ask your friends and family, refer to the internet for any positive or negative patient reviews and ensure that any provider that you consider is fully qualified to undertake such procedures.

What you should expect when undergoing a dental implant procedure

The dental implant procedure is performed under local anaesthetic which is injected into the relevant area in your mouth. Following this your dentist will then cut into the tissue of your gum to create a flap like opening. From here your dentist marks the place where they’ll be drilling into. The drilling process itself is then undertaken incrementally, with your dentist making the hole larger in a series of drilling stages.

Once this is complete the screw is fitted, with this being complete your dentist will then attach the implant. The procedure from beginning to end takes around an hour.