Improve your productivity with fleet tracking

If you’re looking for ways to cut expenditure and make your business more profitable and productive, have you considered using fleet tracking software? This type of tracking software is invaluable for businesses that need to know what their drivers are doing when out on the road, and it can help solve a whole range of issues at work. So why not take a few moments to read our handy guide to fleet tracking, to see if it could be right for your company.

What is fleet tracking?

GPS fleet tracking software basically enables you to monitor your vehicles and drivers whilst they’re out and about, whether that’s collecting customers or delivering parcels. Fleet tracking, when used correctly, can greatly improve the efficiency of your business, and state of the art systems allow you to monitor every aspect of a vehicle and driver behaviour.

Off the beaten track

If you’re experiencing problems with late deliveries or drivers taking longer than expected to complete work, fleet tracking systems can alert you to geographical exceptions nd route optimisation, so if drivers have stopped off for a break when they shouldn’t have, you’ll know about it. You can see what your drivers are doing at any given moment with a live feed system, or use historic data to track productivity.

Other uses for fleet tracking

Fleet tracking software can even be used to save your company money – you can improve your spend on fuel and fuel economy, monitor driver safety to prevent accidents which will reduce your vehicle repair and insurance spend and even prove delivery. It can also be used to assign drivers to ad hoc jobs if they are in the right area at the right time, which could save time and money and increase customer satisfaction.

Where to buy

Be aware that the cost of fleet tracking depends on the number and the size of your vehicles. The monthly payment can vary based on the features of the system and there might be a initial payment. There are many different brands of fleet tracking software available, so it’s a good idea to compare what’s on offer before you buy. By searching online for reviews, you’ll get a feel for which brands are better than others, and if you can get a recommendation from other businesses in your industry, even better! Many websites will feature customer testimonials, so it’s easy to see at a glance whether the product has been a popular choice for other businesses looking to improve their productivity and efficiency. You should always compare prices on 2-3 different websites, as some retailers buy in bulk, which means they can often offer this discount to their customers.

Fleet tracking is a great way to ensure your company becomes more profitable and is working to maximum efficiency, but do make sure that you compare the features of each system side by side as well as searching on various different websites, to ensure you get the best possible value for money before making a purchase.

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