Your Guide to London Taxi’s

If you are planning a visit to the dynamic city of London you may want to consider getting around by taxi. London is a busy city and there is a range of taxi services that you can choose from to take you to your desired destination. However, it is important to stay safe while travelling and know a little more about the taxi scene in London before opting for a taxi provider that you don’t know much about. Here is our inside guide giving you the lowdown on London taxi’s.

Black Cabs

A black cab is often a popular form of transport to get you out about and is especially good if you are travelling with a group of people. Black cabs can take up to five passengers and is ideal for short journeys in and around London. The average price for 1 mile in a Black cab is around £5.50 - £6.00. This taxi is especially good if you don’t want to book two taxis and are traveling with more than 3 people.

Mini Cabs

Mini cabs also known as private hire vehicles can carry up to four passengers and are normally in the form of a four- door hatchback or saloon vehicle. You can easily find Mini cabs parked on the side roads in the streets of London and they are relatively less expensive than black cabs depending on how far you are travelling and the number of passengers. You can get more premium MPV taxis that can take up to 5-8 people if required which is ideal if you are travelling in a group.

Hackney Carriages

Hackney carriage taxis can be flagged down in the streets of London or you can hire them from a taxi rank. A more expensive form of is called the Remise if you are looking for a more premium mode of taxi.

Premium Car Services for Business

If you are willing to spend a little more you may want to check out a luxury taxi provider such as Addison Lee which have taxis ideal for business . The iconic black cars at Addison Lee enable you to enjoy your ride and can be pre-booked either online or via phone. You may find this ideal for airport pick ups and drop offs to your desired destination. Many people choose to take a premium car service so that they can feel at ease and be in the comfort of more luxury services such as private glass and air conditioning.

Top Tips for Hiring a Taxi in London

If you are thinking of hiring a taxi in London make sure that you are going through a registered provider. Safety is paramount with the number of fake taxi services so always make sure that your taxi has is marked with a license. If you are ever unsure as to whether the taxi you are being offered has a valid license or is legitimate, ring up the company and double check for your safety.

Typical fares

Distance Approx journey time Monday to Friday 20:00 - 22:00 Saturday and Sunday 05:00 - 22:00 (Tariff 2)
1 mile 6 - 13 mins £6.20 - £9.60
2 miles 10 - 20 mins £9.80 - £15
4 miles 16 - 30 mins £18 - £24
6 miles 28 - 40 mins £31 - £34

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