Temporary Car Insurance

In today's economically uncertain times, conscientious consumers are employing all manner of techniques to try and save money - yet it is curious just how many of us insist on taking out 12-month insurance policies despite only using our cars sporadically.

Short-term car insurance - which ranges from a single day to a full month - can be a great way of keeping your motoring costs down, and the good news is that it's becoming increasingly easy and hassle-free for drivers of all ages to take out.

Here's our guide to help you get started.

When can I use temporary car insurance?

An important caveat to note is that short-term car insurance cannot be used for your primary car which you regularly use. If you keep it out on the road - even if it's stationary 99% of the time - you will need some form of cover.

Here are some examples of times when temporary insurance could be useful:

• Road trips. If you're driving cross-country with a group of friends, you can use short-term car insurance for a second desgnated driver so as to give yourself a break from the wheel.

• Learning to drive. With professional lessons becoming increasingly expensive, many young drivers are learning under the tutelage of their parents instead. Short-term car insurance will ensure you don't fall foul of the law.

• Recreational driving. If you have a vintage or classic car that you keep tucked away in your garage, it's much better to top it up with daily insurance as and when you take it out on the road instead of going for an expensive 12 month contract.

Will I qualify for temporary car insurance?

Generally speaking, the same criteria for year-long premiums is used for temporary car insurance applicants, but it varies from company to company, and some impose more rigid standards.

They may, for example, preclude drivers over and under certain ages. Most providers will not insure those under the age of 18 on a short-term basis, while many will also discriminate against over 75s, owing to a perception that these demographics are more likely to be involved in a collision.

You may also struggle to get temporary cover if you have a history of road accidents or an excessive number of points on your licence. In this scenario, you may have to go for a longer-term deal instead - as permanent providers tend to be more flexible.

What's covered?

- Damage caused to the car if an accident occurs;

- Damage caused to any third parties;

- Legal expenses to third parties for injury or damage claims;

Which companies offer temporary car insurance?

An increasing number of companies in the UK offer temporary car insurance, which is why it's important to shop around before you commit to a deal.

Here are some providers we recommend checking out straight away:


• Covers drivers aged between 19 and 75.

• Policiesrange from one day to a full month

• Can be used both on UK roads and on the continent.


• Only covers drivers up to 65-years-old (minimum age 19).

• Offers cover for as little as one hour, making it perfect for learners.

• Cover can be taken out for as long as 28 days if needed.


• Aggregates insurance cover offers from various short-term providers.

• Finds deals for drivers as young as 17 (although they can generally only be used on a "learner" basis).

• Policies range from one to 28 days.