Hiring a car in Ireland; Thoughts and advice

So you’ve booked your tickets to Ireland, you want to go and explore their beautiful countryside and heritage, places like Blarney Castle (home to the famous Blarney Stone), the cliffs of Slieve League or even just the Guinness factory, you need some wheels!

A quick internet search for car hire in Ireland shows that it is possible to hire a car for as little as £8 a day!

We haven’t looked in to detail, but would guess that the golden phrase of ‘Terms & Conditions apply’ would be most relevant about now.

As always, there are a plethora of choices, large international organisations, tiny little ‘one man band’ businesses, it can be difficult to decide. Personal recommendations can go a long way to allaying any fears that you may have.

We can’t offer advice on WHO to use, but we can offer advice on renting a car.

Always thoroughly check the car over before leaving.

Once you have signed the paperwork, you are now technically responsible for any damage noted down on return.

Check the tyres.

Whilst you may feel a little silly or think it un-necessary to inspect the tyres, be aware that the legal responsibility is with the driver, not the rental company. A bald tyre can cost you up to 3 penalty points & £2500 PER TYRE.

Check the insurance.

Especially important if you wish to share the driving with someone else in your group.

High excess policies are the norm now, usually between £500 -£1000. This means that even a broken window would see you liable for the full amount of replacement.

The price of insurance is quite often covered in the hire agreement price, however, there are still a few hire companies that will allow you to arrange your own insurance. There are a handful of companies online that offer daily & weekly insurance, whilst they may be a little more expensive, policy excess is normally cheaper.


Notify the hire company immediately after any damage / crash, this also includes damage to the tyres.


For convenience, make a note on which side the fuel filler cap is.

Always try and return the car with similar levels of fuel to when you took the car; most agencies charge a premium per litre, if they have to add fuel, your bill can rise dramatically.

It is also worth noting that some car hire organisations have a daily mileage limit (obviously averaged out over the rental period). Ask the representative if this is the case, try not to go over that limit, it WILL be expensive.

Have a great holiday, give the Blarney Stone a kiss from us!