A consumer’s guide to van rental

If you’re thinking about renting a van whether it be for a day’s moving or for a job that you have on as a tradesperson then you’ll want to ensure that you get the best deal and don’t face unexpected additional charges. In this guide we talk you through the process of van rental.

How to get a good deal on van rental

Searching the internet

The first place you should start your search is the internet. Here you’ll be able to get a general ideal as to how much van rental should be. Be sure to contact around 5 companies to get quotes that fit your specific needs.

Considering the little guy

Don’t write off your local van rental company as not being able to compete with the bigger companies. Very often they can not only compete, but can actually beat written quotes.

Consider company reputation

It may not always be wise to judge van rental purely on price alone, indeed a price that seems too good to be true may well indicate that they scrimp on vehicle maintenance or other similarly important tasks.

Factors to consider when leasing a van

Decide on van size

Makes sure that you rent the right sized van for your purpose as bigger vans cost more to rent and you don't want to spend more than you need to. They are separated in 3 main groups for better differentiation - small(VW Caddy or Ford Transit 280), middle-sized(VW Crafter or Ford Transit 350) and large vans(Renault Master or Ford Transit Luton ).

Checking your vehicle over

Checking your vehicle over before you even start the engine is vital if you’re to ensure you’re not charged for damage you’re not responsible for when you return the vehicle. Be sure to check all the way around the vehicle as well as inspecting the interior thoroughly. If you do find that the vehicle is damaged in any area then take photos and confirm with the company that the damage exists before you leave.

Thinking about fuel

Your van is unlikely to come with a full tank of diesel or petrol, so checking how much it does come with is essential if you’re to avoid breaking down. This becomes ever more important considering that rental days can be hectic times and your attention may not be on the unfamiliar dashboard.

Returning your van on time

Returning your van rental on tie sounds like an obvious tip, however all too often vans are returned late because the person renting the vehicle has underestimated the number of tasks they have and how long the unfamiliar vehicle takes in getting from A to B. To avoid surcharges on your rental agreement you should overestimate the time you need the van for by a significant amount of time.

Driving carefully

Driving carefully is another tip that sounds like it shouldn’t need saying; however driving a van that’s unfamiliar to you, even if you drive vans regularly, can be surprisingly difficult when you come across something unexpected. So keep your speed down and don’t be tempted to rush if the time on your rental is running out.

Always read the small print

Beware of hidden charges and make sure that you read through everything you are signing up for. Don't forget to check your bank statement after that to see what exactly you've been charged.