Nano SIM Cards: What you Need to Know

Nano SIM cards are quickly becoming the norm for mobile devices; this tiny SIM card is the only type that is suitable for devices such as Apple iPhones, iPads and a whole host of other smart phones. Nano SIM cards differ only in size, and do not attract any additional costs when compared to the traditional, larger SIM cards. In this guide we talk you through the process of choosing a nano SIM card.

SIM only or SIM and Handset Deal?

Choosing between a nano SIM only plan and a handset and SIM package has the same pros and cons to those if you were dealing with a traditional SIM. One thing you do need to ensure is that you’re purchasing the right nano SIM card for your device. Many devices are locked onto a certain network, which means you have the choice of either getting the device unlocked by a qualified technician, or – in the event your device is deemed unlockable – you will need to choose a SIM on that particular network.

Benefits of Opting for a Nano SIM only Deal:

If you opt for a nano SIM only deal then you have an array of choices for your package – presuming your device is capable of using any network. The SIM only market has become increasingly competitive in recent years and now entails tens of suppliers all vying for your attention with packages of free minutes, texts and data usage allowances. Another advantage of going SIM only is that it’s easier to pass a credit check, because mobile phone networks aren’t ‘renting’ you a mobile phone handset, it not only brings down the price of your contract, but it also makes you a low risk candidate.

Benefits of Opting for a Handset and Nano SIM Deal: The main benefit of opting for a handset and nano SIM deal is that you don’t need to worry about purchasing a handset. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with nano SIM handsets as they are all smart devices, which means purchasing them can be expensive. However, you need to bear in mind that these deals do come with at least a two year contract, and you'll need to keep your handset for the duration of that time.

Choosing Between Nano SIM only Deals

Choosing between nano SIM only deals can be difficult. The following tips in this guide should help to simplify the process and allow you to make an informed decision.

Consider your Usage: When browsing what packages are available you should bear in mind how you use your phone. If you tend to mostly use your handset for calls then you should focus on the free minutes, or if you’re more of a texter then choose a package with a high free text allowance.

You should also remember that many smart devices have a high internet data usage as they automatically download necessary updates; so having sufficient data allowance is essential.

Length of Contract: any SIM only deals come as part of a set package that lasts for either three, six or 12 months; the longer the contract is, the better the deal generally is, so think carefully about which you opt for.

Pay as you go? Some nano SIMs are available on pay as you go. While there may not be a huge choice of networks, you may benefit from choosing this option if you don’t have a limited budget to spend each month.

Some deals to consider:

Three - for £8 per month you get unlimited minutes and texts on a 12 month contract. You will also get 8GB data included in your plan at 5G speed. 

Lebara - at £4.95 per month you will get 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. This is not on a contract so each month you can choose if it works for you. Two GB data are included and 100 international minutes. You can change or cancel this plan anytime. 

Giffgaff - if you want to avoid contracts, another good offer for £10 per month - you will get unlimited minutes and texts and 6GB data. 

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