SIM Cards: A Buyers Guide

SIM cards have become an indispensable part of our lives. The information chip allowing our mobile phones to go live and connect has taken on so many forms and variations since first appearing on the market. There are many deals offering unlimited calls, texts and data at peanut prices so at first glance it can appear hard to make the right choice. In this guide we’ll talk you through the things you should be on the lookout for when considering which SIM to buy.


Your primary concern is to have a SIM card which is technologically compatible with your mobile phone. Generally, SIM cards are divided into standard, micro and nano-SIM cards. While standard SIMs are compatible with almost any device, micro SIM cards are mostly for use with the latest devices of Samsung, HTC, iPhone and iPad, while nano-SIMs are compatible with iPhones and iPad minis. In any case, consult someone in your local phone shop to ensure your mobile phone and the SIM card you have your eye on are compatible.

Pay Monthly, Pre-Pay or Pay-as-you-go

Major networks will always offer you SIM cards with extras, whether it’s free minutes, text messages or Internet surfing. If, however, you are the floating type, someone who is astute at surfing the web and finding excellent mobile phone deals, then take your independence with SIM only deals. This way you can top up funds both as a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go customer.


If you use several mobile phones, are an avid photographer or someone who enjoys watching TV or video then get the SIM with the highest storage available. There are SIMs out there that can store a mountain of data, so don’t hesitate to go for one.

Avoid Roaming Charges with International SIM Cards

If your job is all about international trips, then beware of roaming charges. There have been several news stories of someone who used their phone abroad as they would at home and got back to find a bill for hundreds of pounds waiting in the post box. One sure fire way of beating these charges is to leave your phone at home or keep it switched off as much as possible while you’re abroad. If this simply isn’t possible then why not consider an International SIM card. These work in a host of countries for less than you’d pay your provider, so it’s worth a look at the options available. You may also want to consider local SIMs for a specific country which is a much cheaper way of using your phone abroad.


Join o2 and enjoy a package geared to your needs. Its website will take you, in a stepwise fashion, through the available options. On a 12 month contract at £10 per month, you will get unlimited minutes and texts and 10GB data.

With Three, you can have any type of SIM but the best deals remain with those committing to pay monthly plans. If you stay for a year, or two, for a fixed tariff you will get almost unlimited call minutes, texts and Internet browsing. On a 12 month contract for £8 per month you can get unlimited minutes and texts and 8GB data.

With Giffgaff, you can choose SIM cards along with personal and business plans which can go along with your SIM purchase. See the options and choose the one that’s right for you.You can get a good deal with them without a contract - unlimited minutes and texts and 10GB data if you top up £10 per month.