Beginner's Guide To Double Glazing Deals

Premium offers contain the double glazing feature Double glazing has now become the norm, with the majority of housing having had double glazing installed for a number of years. For those that remain with single glazing, the rises in energy bills may see them looking to finally switch; and for those that have had their double glazing for ten years or more they may be finding that they windows are failing in their efficiency. In either situation, consumers should take at least some relief in the fact that double glazing is at its most advanced, and the competitive market means that double glazing is now cheaper than ever. That said, having such windows installed can still be a relatively significant investment, so this guide talks you through the process of purchasing double glazing.

Energy efficiency and double glazing

You may be wondering about just how energy efficient the double glazing of today really is. Well the answer is that a house with new double glazing for all of its windows can expect to become anything up to 60% more efficient. Of course you can expect to also benefit from reducing your carbon emissions, as less wasted heat escapes your house.

Reduce the condensation and noise

Another advantage of double glazing is that it reduces the noise from outside and it is a great benefit for those living in a street with heavy traffic. The bad news is that you can not keep your windows and doors always shut.

As we all know Britain is popular with its rains and moisture. So normally we want to prevent our homes from condensation which is caused by the difference between the temperature outside and inside and makes the windows wet. Double gazing stop the circulation of air and so stops the condensation.

Buying from doorstep sellers

Buying from a door to door sales person can very often offer good rates, but you should never agree to a purchase before you've properly researched the market. In particular you should be wary of hard sell tactics, as this can lead you to signing up to a deal that isn't in your best interest and is more expensive than the industry standard.

Triple glazing - Is it really necessary?

Whilst some companies tout impressive figures in relation to triple glazing there are many industry experts that say triple glazing is going somewhat overboard. So, what's the truth? Well the answer is found somewhere in the middle. Whilst triple glazing is more efficient than double glazing, the additional cost is very often prohibitive to the average household. In short, double glazing more than suffices for a household looking to cut their energy bills without a huge investment.

Getting the best deal

Getting the best deal on your double glazing is simply a matter of doing your research. You should check the internet to get an idea of the average market price, you can then contact suppliers directly and drive down the cost further by negotiating with them.

You may also wish to wait until certain points in the year where providers cut their prices. In particular, now is a great time for double glazing deals.

The aesthetics of double glazing - What's on the market?

The reason that many people have held off installing double glazing is the concern that the PVC look anything but natural. Today however the range of PVC, in terms of colours and patterns, means that double glazing looks more like real wood framed windows.