A buyer’s guide to filing cabinets

If your filing cabinets are just about reaching the end of their life span then you’ll no doubt have started looking for a replacement. With office furniture of any description making for a significant cost this guide aims to tell you about some ways that can save you money. It’ll additionally tell you about other factors you should be considering when searching for the right filing cabinets for your needs.

Finding the cheapest deal on filing cabinets

Shopping online

Because online retailers don’t have the additional expenses of shop floor staff and retail premises you’ll find that shopping online is pretty much always cheaper than purchasing items in a retail outlet. Here you’ll have a choice between literally thousands of providers and have a far larger choice than shopping on even the biggest of high streets.

Thinking about delivery charges

One factor you'll need to consider when shopping online however is delivery. You’ll need to consider both your availability as to when the company can deliver to you, as well as checking out their charges before reaching checkout. Delivery charges can vary significantly from one furniture store to another, so ensuring that their charges are fair should be the first thing you do when browsing their website.

Using the Google Shop tool

The Google shop tool makes for a great tool to use to give you an overview of how much you’ll be expecting to pay. You should bear in mind however that not all stores will feature on the Google shop results, so you may even be able to find cheaper providers by searching through the normal Google results.

Asking about ex-display items

If you are set on shopping in-store then ask a customer services representative about whether they have any ex-display items. These can attract significant discounts, however you should take care to inspect the items thoroughly, as they, more often than not, will have slights signs of wear and tear.

Other factors to consider when choosing your filing cabinets

Buying for the home versus buying for the office

When searching for the ideal filing cabinet you should consider the use carefully. Buying for a corporate office will require a far more robust filing cabinet that can handle heavy useage on a daily basis. Conversely, buying for the home office means that you have more choice in terms of filing cabinets that are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing and less practical. Main features to look after when buying a new cabinet for both your home and office are:

The material - usually they are metal, but it does not mean they are water and fireproof. And if metal sounds like they are always grey, you can find cabinets in lots of colors. There are also cabinets from melamine, which also is offered in many patterns and colors.

Drawers - consider the number of drawers according to your needs.

Locking system - they should have a key lock to keep them locked and safe.

Price - search for sales to save some on your budget.

Appreciating that cheapest isn’t always better

Whilst you want to get the best deal on your filing cabinets you should appreciate that just because an item is at a rock bottom price, doesn’t mean that it’s value for money. Budget ranges of furniture are always going to be of lesser quality, so appreciating the shortened life span is paramount if you’re not to be surprised a year down the road when the time breaks.