A buyer’s guide to king size beds

The majority of people spend at least a third of their day sleeping and on average we can expect to spend a staggering 22 years of our life in bed! These figures emphasise just how important choosing a bed that is right for your needs is and king size beds are becoming ever more popular as people look for that little bit of extra room and a touch of luxury. In this guide we walk you through the process of choosing your king size bed, and cover the factors that you should consider if you’re to make the right choice.

Bed frame considerations

Metal, leather or fabric?

Most bed manufacturers have reached a stage when they upholster beds just like they would sofas or chairs and are generally just as durable as the metal bedsteads. If you’re undecided on the type of frame you’d like then you should ask a supplier for a swatch so you can see the available fabrics. You should also think about how the design will fit into your bed room and whether you would be planning to update your bedroom décor anytime soon.

Draws or simple bed frame?

Choosing between a divan or a simple bed frame very often comes down to a question of storage; if you have a large number of items to store then a divan base with sliding draws is probably your best bet. You should take note however that such beds are generally more expensive than simple bed frames. Drawers can be either side, end or alto opening mechanisms. The third mechanism raises the actual mattress, and allows for easier access for those that find it difficult to bend.

Choosing the right bed is getting even more complicated considering there are different styles - modern, contemporary, classic, ottomans; besides that there are a wide variety of colours too. 

Choosing your king size mattress

Choosing the mattress for your king size bed is just as important, if not more so, as choosing your bed. You may also wish to look for combo deals as this can work out far cheaper than buying the bed separate to the mattress. In any instance, here are the two main mattresses you’ll be choosing between.


Orthopaedic mattresses are far firmer than memory foam mattresses and have been touted for years as a part way solution to back problems. If you prefer a mattress that is sprung, rather than made of foam, then it may we worth opting for this as an alternative to memory foam.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years, and where once they were relatively expensive today they have been driven down in price by demand and competition. You shouldn’t assume however that memory foam is generic, it does differ from mattress to mattress in terms of firmness so research what’s available and what it is that you’re looking at before purchasing.


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