Buyer’s Guide: What you need to know when buying kitchen taps

Kitchen taps are relatively small in size but can make a big difference to the overall finish of a kitchen. They are also significantly overlooked as items that are put under a lot of strain on a daily basis, and having the wrong type or incorrect fit can lead to them breaking prematurely, which, in the worst case scenario, can see them leak or burst. The best way to prevent this is to know your requirements before you start shopping for your taps; so in this guide we talk you through the basics of buying kitchen taps.

Low or high pressure

Finding out whether your water system is low or high pressure is your starting point. Some kitchen taps, especially modern variants such as the single lever ones, will only operate properly with high pressure systems. Take note however, you can’t avoid the "dribble" effect because they need a steady and abundant water stream.

Single lever or dual lever control

Choosing between single or dual levers is very much a matter of how you use your kitchen tap. Whilst some prefer a dual tap that enjoys slightly less time to ‘heat up’, many more find that a single mixer tap is more than efficient and, having only one tap to turn, more convenient.

Syncing your sink with your tap

Matching up your sink with your tap is essential if your kitchen is going have a harmonised design. You can achieve this harmony by getting a kitchen tap with the material and colour nuance of your sink. Then take another look at your sink's shape. Is it oval or angular? Is it large, medium or small? Consider these factors when choosing your kitchen tap.

Kitchen tap styles

The following styles are the general designs available on the market:


Traditional taps are often regarded as more old fashioned in design, however in many instances the modern taps on the market today can look out of place in a kitchen that has a rustic or more traditional design.


Modern kitchen taps make up the majority of the market today; clean lines and chrome finishes are the height of kitchen fashion in this category.

Mock antique

Mock antique kitchen taps go beyond being traditional and are designed to specifically look like they belong to a genuine period home.

The extras

Some contemporary kitchen taps are equipped with flexible pull-out extension. This spout makes easier reaching further areas and to make it even more efficient, some manufacturers offer taps with aerator which regulates the flow and prevents from limescale.

Those who have a dishwasher should think about ways to avoid unregulated water leaks. In most cases, this means you may need an extra such as a shut-off water valve. Jet regulators will give you peace of mind if you are environmentally sensitive and trying to waste as little water as possible. With dirt filters, you can ensure you have neither clogs nor unwanted debris in your kitchen tap.

Purchasing online versus purchasing in store

Whilst it may be useful to visit your local home décor outlet to get an idea of what’s on offer and how various designs look with certain sinks, it is certainly advisable to purchase your kitchen taps online. There’s very often a vast difference in price between the two, and purchasing online can see you benefitting from high discounts on RRP.


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