Buyer's Guide: What to look for in a rug

Like all domestic items, a rug should be a rendition of your own taste which fits perfectly with the overall look and feel of your home. They can act both as a highlight within a largely monochrome room and as a much needed touch of comfort. To find a rug of either type, you need to consider what's available, and, given that rugs come in a wide range of diverse of materials, colours, patterns, shapes, country of origin and fibre lengths, this is no mean feat.

Natural or synthetic

The first consideration in your search should be the material. Would you like your rug to be made of natural material such as wool or animal skin or, because of your existing interior, would you rather prefer a rug made from synthetics? While the former tend to be hypoallergenic and are the best fit for a traditional layout, the latter tend to expand the rug choice to shaggies and patterns which can't achieved by natural materials.

Patterns and shapes

Style considerations should be the second stop in your search. Would you prefer to have the rugs plain or to have floral, traditional Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or modernistic pattern? Would your home be more suited to a square, quadrangle or round rug, or an irregular shape that would add interest to your room?


Manufacturers are currently capable of dying a rug in any nuance of colour, so you have plenty of options available. Choosing a colour that is different to anything in your room can create either interest, or, if you choose the wrong colour, can clash. It may be advisable to get a colour swatch so you can compare it against your room.

Factors to consider when choosing your rug

Given that there are thousands, if not millions, of rug retailers online and on the high street,choosing the rug that's perfect for your needs can be rather difficult. However, once you have decided upon the aforementioned aesthetics then you'll need to consider a few more details before finding your provider.

If your floor is slippery then consider adding to the order a rug grip. It's optional but is a good idea to put it under your rug if you want it to stay where you've put it.

Where to purchase from

When choosing between buying online or in store you need to consider that purchasing in a retail outlet will undoubtedly attract a premium. The ideal situation would be for you to visit a showroom to get an idea of what you're looking for, and then purchase online to benefit from the wider ranges and lower prices.

Considering the durability of your rug

The last factor that you must think about is how hard wearing your rug needs to be. If you have a small family, or your household has pets, then you'll need to choose an appropriately durable rug. Generally rugs that are made from synthetic materials are far more hard wearing than those made from natural fibres.