A consumer’s guide to dining tables

If you’re looking to purchase a dining table then you needn’t expect to spend what can practically half a month's wages. In this guide we tell you how you can save on your dining table purchase and what factors you should be considering when choosing a table right for your needs.

How to save on your dining room table

Shopping online versus in store

Whilst shopping in a retail outlet can give you an idea of how dining tables look in real life you should opt for the internet when buying. You should however take care to check delivery rates prior to choosing your table from any online store. This is because some online shops charge significant rates for delivery, which can make the purchase price of the table amount to more than those found in retail stores.

Choosing a dining table on a budget

If you’re shopping on a budget then you’ll need to be prepared for a thorough search if you’re to get the best deal. Whilst many of the mainstream suppliers will have a range of budget dining tables you need to bear in mind that they'll be of lower quality and may well be a false economy (particularly with dining tables that are made from MDF covered wood). You may also want to consider looking at second hand tables (there are plenty that can be found on auction websites); this may help you find a better quality table at a lower price.

Alternatively you can contact retail outlets and ask them about ex-display dining tables, whilst these may have slight signs of damage and/or wear they do attract significant discounts.

Factors to consider when choosing a dining room table right for your needs

Choice of material and durability

When choosing your dining table you need to think about material and how durable you need your table to be. For example, if you have a young family then polished wood may prove to be far from suitable and look damaged after a few months of use. In this instance you may find that matt wood is far more suitable.

What size and shape?

Before buying a new table for your dining room there is one very important factor to be aware of - its size. It should be determined by the number of people you want to place around the table and the measurements of the room. So if you have a big family, you should search for at least 6 seater table, while the singles or families with 2 children can be gathered around 4 seater table. Then you have to choose the shape as there normally are large amount of rectangular or square tables, but you may find a round or oval one that perfectly fits your dining room.

Do you need extra seats very often?

If you’re short on space but frequently have guests over for dinner then you needn’t compromise between a large, space filling table and having to make up makeshift seating when your guests visit. An extending table will provide a happy medium that can be transformed into a four seater during the week and a six to eight seater (depending on the model) during the weekend for entertaining. You should however expect to pay a little more for these type of dining tables as the construction is far more complex than a traditional table.