A buyer’s guide to dining chairs

If you’re looking to replace your dining chairs then you needn’t expect to be spending in the region of hundreds of pounds. This guide will talk you through the things to consider if you’re looking to make a saving and end up with chairs that will fit you and your family’s needs.

Finding the cheapest deal on dining chairs

Choosing to shop online

Whilst you may be able to get a good idea of how dining chair styles look in real life in a physical retail outlet you should generally chose to purchase online if you want to make a saving.

Thinking about delivery charges

When shopping online the first thing you should do on any website is check the delivery charges. Whilst the internet provides the cheapest items on the market, some websites charge delivery fees that make items prohibitive.

Asking about ex-display

Whilst in the majority of instances shopping online will be cheaper than purchasing in store you may be able to grab a bargain by buying ex-display items. These items, whilst they may not be in perfect condition, can attract significant discounts and you may even be able to barter the shop down further on the price.

Other factors to consider when choosing your dining chairs

Fitting your chairs in with your decor

When choosing your dining chairs you should think about fitting them in with your decor and whether they'll be suitable for use with your existing dining table. If your home follows a traditional line then look for wooden chairs with a little detailing. However, if your home is fairly modern then opt for chairs with a simple design and clean lines. Key materials used in modern chairs can feature anything from wood, to metal and leather.

You should also remember to measure the chairs you use at the moment; whilst dining chairs are generally around the same height they can differ slightly, and even a slight difference may make them either too tall or too short for your table.

Care and maintenance

Buying a new set of dining chairs is something you will not do each year, but will need regular care to keep them in a good condition and to use them for a long time. As there are a lot of variations and combinations of the material - metal or wooden; plastic, fabric or leather; upholstered or plain back and seat, it is hard to make a choice. So there is one more thing that might help you make your mind - is it easy to clean it? Leather and metal are the easiest to keep clean, but also easily get damaged. Fabric also get stains but can be treated with lots of detergents and there are different types of fabrics which are waterproof or resistant to spilled liquids.

Budget versus reasonably priced

Whilst it may be tempting to choose dining chairs that are exceedingly cheap you should think about whether this is, in effect, a false economy. There is a fine line between a good deal and items that are bad quality, so settling on a budget that is reasonable is vital if your chairs aren’t to be worn out after a year’s use. Very often you’ll find that websites have product reviews from other consumers, these can prove to be invaluable when judging the quality of an item prior to purchase. If you’re on a super tight budget then consider using auction websites to track down a bargain.