Sash Windows: Where Modern Day Meets Tradition

Sash windows: they smell of tradition. So popular in the Georgian and Victorian era, they, along with a couple of other markers, are a sign of a house's age. While reminiscent of historical periods when their use was dominant, sash windows' popularity is far from waning nowadays.

Although at a lower scale, architects keep including them into new building projects for their distinctive looks and as an architectural pattern which keeps the link between the past and the present alive.

Consider new materials and mechanisms

For these and many other reasons, sash windows are an option you should not neglect, irrespective whether you inhabit old or new property. A huge advantage in sash windows' favour is that they "grow", so to say, with time: they easily take in innovation and cohabit well with newly-developed materials or mechanisms. For some time now, sash windows are also available in uPVC variants, as opposed to the traditional wood/timber version. While wood is preferred for its solid traditional looks, uPVC will never warp and lead to stickiness, the problem plaguing the timber solution.

Besides, old iron and lead sash weights can now be replaced with modern spiral balance counterweights, which guarantees the smooth slide of your sash windows, whether sliding vertically or sideways.

Making sash windows energy efficient

- Proof agains draughts - this involves plugging the gaps in the windows where the air escapes from. You will be able to keep the room warner for longer so this will reduce your heating bills.

- Regular maintenance - making sure that there will be no gaps - regular maintenance is to keep your sash windows energy efficient.

- Installing double glazing - you will need to just add secondary glazing or full double glazing which will keep the warmth in.

Choose glazing and colour

Sash windows can be equipped with double-glazed and triple-glazed glass. If energy efficiency is an important item on your frugal spending list, then you could consider sealing and double-sealing your windows. While leaving the sliding mechanisms out, you will forget about your long-time woes with drafts. With uPVC, a material known for its excellent insulating abilities, you can double strike-through this problem.

Colour is also an important feature with which you can play to get your house in unison with its exterior paint and the remainder of houses in the neighbourhood. Make sure you check the available colour palette when contacting your provider.


If your eyes have been used to the sash window sight, check what's on dedicated websites such as The Sash Window Workshop. This website is ready to offer you a full kit of frames, glass and window furniture at once. A consultant can help you make the combination that would suit your house best.

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