Beginner's Guide To: Buying Taps

While taps are a small accessory, it is indeed a vital one. Be it in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere outdoors, choosing a tap in the wrong style can upset the decor that you've tried to follow in your home. On a practical note, you also need to consider factors such as water pressure, so in this guide we talk you through the basics of choosing taps that are both suitable to your decor, as well as to you water system.

Taps: Style considerations

General style

If you have designed your bathroom with rounded shapes, any sharp-edged or ultra-thin tap handles or levers might disrupt the style, as will ultra-modern taps surrounded by traditional decor.

If you are buying taps for your bathroom, make sure that your shower and taps are made by the same manufacturer and are the progeny of the same model. If that is impossible, then look for the closest possible colour and style match.


Additionally, taps come in a wide range of finishes, from white plastic to brushed chrome. You need to ensure that whatever style you opt for, it is sympathetic to the basin it is seated on. For example, if you have a ceramic, farmhouse style basin, then mock antique taps may be most suitable; or, if you have a modern, squared basin, then contemporary brushed chrome taps may be the most appropriate.

Taps: Practical considerations

Water pressure matters

An important consideration is the pressure your water system enjoys. While high pressure will mean that you can safely choose any tap style, low pressure restricts your choice to those taps which can help pressurise water flow into the tap and flow out of it. If they don't have this property, you might end up watching your tap "choking" from time to time.

Monobloc versus tap pairs

First and foremost, you need to decide whether you need a tap which will deliver both hot and cold water or each one will run from an individual tap. The first one is especially useful if one of your hands is usually busy doing something else. The second option is a neat fit in traditional kitchens and bathrooms because they suit the decor better.

Other factors to consider when choosing your taps


When choosing your taps you shouldn't decide on price alone; taps have a demanding day to day job to perform, and as such choosing a cheap set may see your taps having a far shorter lifespan than expected.

Buying online

Purchasing your taps online will provide you with a better RRP discount than buying in a physical store. Just take care to ensure you're purchasing the right taps if you suffer from the low water pressure issues outlined above.

You must make sure that the taps you are buying are the right ones for your selected style in your bathroom. If you are replacing them, then try and match the one you have at the moment.