Full Guide To Buying Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are always a sleek and unobtrusive complement to your bedroom wardrobe, room layout or exterior. It is reputed for saving space, ushering light in, for being easy to move in either direction and for visually expanding space (if glass panes are replaced with mirrors). Any of these properties is a reason enough to decide in favour of sliding doors.

Options to be considered

When buying sliding doors you wil have the following options to choose from:

- Type - flush, glass, glazed or panel

- Finish - finished, primed or unfinished

- Measurements - from 1410 mm to 3700 mm.

- Glazing - clear, mirror or other type of glazing

- Colours - choose the right colour for your needs.


Sliding doors are known for their large glass or mirror panes delimited by frames. Being a true crossover between a door and a window, you can pick the materials which are typical of either. If you are buying patio sliding doors or if you have kids or pets, then it would be best if you chose toughened glass instead of its regular edition. It would also be better if you preferred a uPVC frame to the traditional wooden one since uPVC is more weather-resistant and will look as brand new longer.

If the doors are a component of your wardrobe, then your primary concern would be to find a frame which will mingle within the overall interior, both in terms of colour nuance and material.

Folding or not

Many sliding door providers offer sliding door in a folding variant. This is an especially convenient solution for patio doors because by folding and gliding them away, the room overlooking your patio and the patio itself become one.

Made to measure

For sliding doors to work seamlessly, it is important that you take exact measurements. It is best if you invited a specialist to do the exercise. You will both get a good advice whether to employ a combination of mechanisms or stick to just one, whether you would need to prepare the door area for the door installation or whether it is regular or toughened glass is what you should be looking for.

Premium and contract range doors for wardrobes await you at DoorsDirect. You can choose among 2-, 3- and 4-door sets. You can have them in a dimmed or clear glass version, with criss-crossed frame patterns and without.

Vufold, for their part, are patio door specialists and they especially like the folding sliding door version. Frames may be made of solid oak, hardwood, white or grey aluminium. Here search is enabled with the category, price range and size filters. Use them if you are already clean and clear what you want.

With Everest, you are in the patio door domain. Here you may find them single or double-glazed, made of aluminium or wood, in 6 colour options, folding and not, with regular or toughened glass. You can also opt your door to be with multi-point locking system.