Taking the best out of triple glazing windows and doors

Triple glazing is the perfect solution for your windows and doors if you live in a noisy, hyper-humid, windy and/or cold area. With three panes of glass and air trapped in between, you obtain excellent thermal and noise insulation. While it may cost a bit more than its single- and double-glazing counterparts, it may be quite worth it because often times this is the one and only way to total comfort and privacy. Condensation is another thing that you will forget about if you have tripple glazing.

Having all in sync

Triple-glazing will not only provide the all-important insulation but will also usher style in your interior if you purchase doors and windows of the same make and model. Having all in sync requires that you choose the material for door panes and window frames. Whether wood, PVC, uPVC, plastic or composite, select just one. Then make sure that you select a colour which will suit either fixture. And, finally, if not an entrance door but rather overlooking your patio, you could have your windows and doors looking identically as a sash or frames-only variant (whichever you prefer).

Choosing a mechanism

An important part of your selection process is to choose a mechanism for your triple-glazing doors and windows since all of the mechanisms are at your disposal. See if it is sliding, pivot or folding which would suit your interior. Patios like sliding and folding doors the most whereas exit doors and windows are most frequently equipped with pivot solutions. However, weigh all your personal preferences and utility concerns before taking a final decision.

Price considerations

When it comes to bulk purchases, then is the apt time for a good bargain. A number of providers are ready to reward you for buying more than just a single item, so never forget to claim your discount!

Identical sized triple glazed windows or doors will cost more than double glazed ones but the final price will mainly be effected by the number of openings, colour and other extras.


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