Bring your Home up to Date with UPVC Doors and Windows

Replacing your worn old windows and doors with shiny new UPVC is a great way to update the look of your property, bringing it into the 21st century. Some people may think that UPVC doors and windows are only for contemporary homes; in fact many suppliers will create replica sash windows in UPVC, and options such as leading and Georgian bars are available for period properties wishing to replace their windows. This means that UPVC windows could even be suitable for buildings in a heritage area or listed buildings. Take a few moments to read our guide to UPVC doors and windows to see if they are right for your home.

Why Choose UPVC?


UPVC is environmentally friendly. Most windows and doors made from UPVC can be recycled multiple times, giving them a lifespan of hundreds of years. What’s more, UPVC is energy efficient – because it offers superior weatherproofing to timber doors and windows, it keeps heat in and cold out more efficiently, keeping your energy bills down. Installing new UPVC doors and windows could even provide your home with a better energy rating for your energy property certificate when you come to sell your house – a better rating means more interested buyers!

You can also decide the type of opening you want on your windows depending on your space. They can open to the side, to the top or to the bottom. The different cariations offer great options for many homes and this makes them a really good choice for most interiors and exteriors.


Safe and Secure


UPVC doors and windows are far more secure than traditional wooden versions. Most windows come with a locking system and UPVC doors usually have multi point locks, which not only makes your home more secure but could also lower your home insurance premium. UPVC doors are anti-crowbar, meaning it’s harder for intruders to force their way into your home. Most criminals know that UPVC doors and windows are harder to force open and so will head for homes with timber framed windows and doors instead.


Cost Effective


UPVC doors and windows need little maintenance to remain looking beautiful and will last for years to come. Unlike wooden doors and windows that may need regular sealing and varnishing to stay looking good, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed to keep your UPVC doors and windows looking great.


Professional Installation


You should always appoint a FENSA approved installer to fit your UPVC doors and windows. If you don’t use an approved installer, you may need to pay for your local authority to come round and assess the work – this could set you back as much as £250 and can be a hassle to arrange. With a FENSA approved installer, you know that you are receiving a professional service, and there is no need for a separate inspection by the council.


Where to find uPVC doors and windows online?


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uPVC Widnows UK offer a comparison service for all trusted local suppliers. This will help in finding you a bargain you wouldn't be able to see on the high street.

Anglian Home proud to offer 10 year guarantee on all their products so it's worth choosing them as providers. You can quote them in advance through their website.