Minimalist Chic is Easy with Vanity Units

If you’re the kind of person who has seven different types of shampoo and a type of conditioner for each hair emergency, you’re probably as far away from minimalist as it is possible to be. This doesn’t mean that you don’t long for a bathroom straight out of Elle Home, with fluffy white towels and not a product in sight! Vanity units are a great way to add some extra storage to your bathroom whilst also injecting some cool, contemporary style.

Take a few minutes to read our handy guide to vanity units to see whether you could embrace minimalism with the help of this product.

Choosing the Right Vanity Unit

Should you go classic or contemporary? The choice of vanity unit will largely depend upon the rest of your bathroom. A classic vanity unit has the basin on top and any combination of storage beneath, from shelves to cupboard space or a mixture of both. This is a great place to stash all your toiletries, displaying only the prettiest glass bottles in the bathroom itself. Though vanity units are knwon as the cabinet standing under the sink, the contemporary vanity units can be hung on the wall. They are great for smaller bathrooms as they lift clutter away from the floor, creating a more spacious, airy feel. And you can prevent your leg from hitting into the plinth.

Size is Key

The size of your vanity unit should be large enough to hold all your toiletries but not so large that it dominates your bathroom. If you’re opting for a vanity and basin combination, the size of vanity unit may depend on the style of basin you choose. There should be ample space for storing everything whilst ensuring that the vanity is the right size for your available space. Besides that you should consider what type of opening will suit you best - normal opening one or two doors, drawers or a combination of both of them, or just open shelves for an easy access to your toiletries. In that case bear in mind that this will be the first thing to catch you eye into the bathroom and might make it look a bit smaller.

Contrast or Blend?

Whether you want your vanity unit to blend with your existing bathroom or stand out is a tough decision. For a stylish, minimalist look that is very contemporary, a white unit which matches your bathroom suite will fit in perfectly. Another way to add a cool contemporary feel is by installing a glossy, brightly coloured vanity unit which will add a pop of vibrant colour to your bathroom. Turquoise, lime green and yellow all work well.

Pay for Quality

Always ensure that the vanity unit you choose is of a high quality. Nothing is more annoying than a cupboard door that won’t stay shut or a shelf which is at an angle. If your vanity unit is to be fitted, ensure that a professional is hired for the job and completes the work to a good standard. Then stash all your bits and pieces out of the way and enjoy the minimalist look of your new bathroom!

Where to find vanity units

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