Living Room Furniture: A Guide

Choosing the right living room furniture is important. There's no other room in the house besides the bedroom that you'll spend so much time in, and it's the first port of call for entertaining guests, so when it comes to decorating there are several key areas to be considered. It's important for the room to look good while also maintaining functionality. But don't worry, this quick guide will set you on the path to living room beauty.


The first thing to consider is space. Though it's tempting to get stuck in with making other more exciting choices, spending time at the beginning to assess just how much room you have to manoeuvre is incredibly important, avoiding all sorts of other problems further down the line. It's one thing to fit every piece of furniture you want into a living room, it's another for the room to remain spacious and aesthetically pleasing while doing so. After all, the more furniture there is in a room, the smaller and more cramped it looks.


Before you can begin choosing what furniture you want, you need to know your budget. Estimations are all well and good, but when it comes to decorating, being realistic is an advantage. Besides, there are all sorts of ways conforming to a budget can benefit the decorating process, like forcing you to think carefully and critically about design decisions. What many people fail to realise is that living room furniture is an investment, something that it pays to be happy with in the long run.


Now that you've assessed the room and know how much money you have to spend, it's time to get stylish. There are two main choices: whether to buy a set or whether to fill the room with an assortment of individual pieces. Sets are the sort of thing you see in Ikea showrooms, meticulously designed to compliment each other, forming a stylish yet uniform look. But some people prefer to pick and choose, creating their own assortment of furniture, and that's fine too. All that matters is that you manage to achieve the specific style you want, because you're going to be looking at it for most of the time you're at home. This includes making sure all the various colours match and go together, too.

If you're unsure about how certain colours will look when put together, there are a ton of colour guides in furniture stores and online that will help you envision how the room will look.

How to arrange furniture in your living room?

1. Take measures - measure the room wall to wall. Draw a box and put the measurements.

2. Focal point - decide which piece will be your focal point - tv, fireplace, painting or other. Once this is decided - then you place the furniture around it. Main sofa is placed on the opposite wall of the focal point. 

3. Arrange tables, chairs, storage - once the seating part is determined - you need to put a coffee table and storage cabinets. 

4. Lamps - place lamps by the sofa, coffee table and by the focal point. The chandelier should be in the middle of the ceiling.

5. Place a rug - where the designated seating area is.

Furniture Care

Living room furniture is expensive, so it's definitely not something you want to skimp on looking after. Depending on the type of furniture, there are various care tips to follow. These range from common sense things – like using coasters when setting hot mugs on wooden surfaces – to lesser known tips – like how spray polishes can gradually damage surfaces despite how handy they are to use. There are many excellent websites dedicated to aiding home-owners protect their furniture, like John Lewis and Guardsman.

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