Choosing Your Bathroom Cabinet

A bathroom is only as useful as its cabinet. Bathroom cabinets keep the bathroom clean and uncluttered, providing an easy way to access your toiletries and other assorted items. A well-placed bathroom cabinet can make a bathroom look spacious whilst still upholding its function. Even better, they don't require the redecoration or renovation of the entire room – they're a useful upgrade that can benefit the bathroom with minimal upheaval. When it comes to choosing one, then, there are several things you have to consider.


Space is important to consider on two levels. Firstly, how much space is there in the room itself? This question is likely to affect the size of the bathroom cabinet you select. It may also factor into the type of cabinet you buy. With plenty of space available you have the luxury of being able to choose between a floor cabinet and a wall mounted cabinet. Less floor space often means getting one that's mounted to the wall.

The second point to consider is how much space you'd like to add – that is, what size you want the cabinet to be. This may depend on what you'd like to use the cabinet for, but it's a general rule that it's better to have more than less. While most bathroom cabinets will provide ample room to manoeuvre, it's worth briefly considering what you plan on putting in the cabinet, just to ensure it will have enough room. If the bathroom is used for a big family with children, they will need more space for keeping all their stuff compared to the bathroom of a single or a young couple.

Floor Cabinet

A floor cabinet is a cabinet that sits on the floor – it's that simple. These are generally tall, thin, rectangular cabinets that provide space through length. Often they're separated in half, with shelves above and drawers or a door below. That being said, there are hundreds of variations of floor cabinets, so there's always something suited to your needs. One of the advantages of floor cabinets is that they act like any other piece of furniture – they can be moved and transported with relative ease.

Wall Mounted Cabinet

Wall mounted cabinets are the cabinets commonly found above the sink, complete with a hinged door and inner shelves. The advantages are fairly clear – the cabinet is decorative and keeps the room looking spacious. Keep in mind, however, that wall mounted cabinets require a little bit of work to install.

Another subtle yet important choice is whether or not you want a cabinet with a mirror in the door. Depending on the situation, you might want the cabinet to act as the room's mirror – and if you've already got a main bathroom mirror, perhaps you'd prefer something decorative looking instead.

Illuminated Cabinets

Nowadays, it's possible to tweak all kinds of bathroom furniture. One of the examples of this comes in the form of illuminated bathroom cabinets, cabinets with glass shelves and fitted light bulbs for extra stylish decoration. The bathroom is a place where many people want to create an atmosphere of relaxation, and a soft light in the dim evening is a great way to achieve this.

Cabinet Material

The cabinet material is something that affects the overall style of the bathroom. Choosing which material the cabinet is made from will often come down to how the rest of the room is decorated, but rest assured there are plenty of varied options. Common bathroom cabinet materials include wood which has to be painted or lacquered with special paint do it will resists the humidity in the bathroom for longer time. Another type of material is glass and stainless steel, each offering a unique design. While wood is more typical for classic and contemporary style bathrooms, glass and stainless steel can add more industrial and contemporary touch to your bathroom look.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you have the right measures before buying and having delivered your new cabinet.