Comparison sites are the trendy solution for consumers to find the best deals related to many services such as broadband connections, insurance policies, phone contracts, financing, and providing energy. These sites provide users with a variety of tools that make it easier to find the best provider of a specific service. Once you click and choose a provider, the website takes a commission from the provider. That’s how comparison sites make their money.

Uswitch is one of the most common and useful comparison sites you can ever use. It’s trusty and it helps consumers to find the cheapest possible deals of different services provided by a wide range of providers.

In this topic, we will talk about Uswitch, discuss services that could be compared using this website, and mention providers you can reach easily using Uswitch. But first of all, you need to know the benefits you will get from using Uswitch for comparison,

Benefits of using Uswitch for comparison


A comparison site regularly updates its contents so you can always keep an eye on recent deals and price changes. It collects information and prices from service providers and organize these information to help consumers reach the best deal simply. While using Uswitch, you will have a lot of benefits including the following:

Free for consumers

Uswitch and other comparison sites make their income from service providers, but they are free for consumers. So, you are able to surf the available services with price ranges provided by different providers without paying any amount of money. Furthermore, you can contact the customer care team on this number 0800 688 8557 to ask questions related to switching providers. They are available from Monday to Friday any time between 8 am to 5:30 am.

Save time and money

Trying to find the best price for a service by visiting websites of all providers and contact their customer car teams separately is a time consuming process. Uswitch gather all information related to different providers in one place so that you can make the right decision quickly. In addition to saving your time, you can save a lot of money because you will compare hundreds of deals rather than comparing few alternatives. So, you have a greater probability of reaching the lowest possible price.

Accurate and updated results

Accuracy is a must to make the right decision. Uswitch checks contents continuously to make sure that every fact and piece of information is accurate. So, you should be sure that what you see on the website is what you will receive from the provider when you contact him.

Varieties of choices

The wide varieties of choices that are available in Uswitch is the main strength of this website, you will be amazed by being able to access hundreds of providers of different services. So, you will be sure that your final decision is informed and based on accurate comparison of different deals and offers.

Services that could be compared using Uswitch

There are different services you can compare their related deals and offers from different providers. You can simply compare these deals and offers using Uswitch to reach an informed decision that saves your money. There are five major services available on Uswitch for comparison.



Uswitch collects information and update them on a regular basis from providers of energy relates services. So, you can compare their prices and offers to make an accurate decision. Energy related services that are available on Uswitch for comparison include gas, electricity, green energy, and heating cover. You can even switch to a new energy provider without having to contact your current provider. After choosing a new provider from Uswitch, it contacts the new provider for your chosen deal. Then, the new provider contacts your current provider to arrange date of switching to make sure that your energy supply will not stop.

Broadband connections


Uswitch is one of the best comparison sites to use for comparing between broadband providers. It compares services provided by many providers. Furthermore, there is an internet speed test tool on the website that could be used to check if you get the guaranteed speed provided by your current broadband provider. If it is below the guaranteed speed, you have the right to choose another deal from the available providers and switch your current provider.

Phone contracts


On Uswitch, there are many phone related services to compare between their providers and check their latest deals. You will find pay monthly phone contracts and SIM only deals. There are many consumers who are using these phone related services because they enable them to get latest smartphones for less cost. With Uswitch, you will find contracts that matches your budget and you can also change your current plan if it isn’t sufficient for your phone usage.



Uswitch have a relationship with many financing providers who help the website to update financing related deals and offers continuously. The available financing services for comparison are different. You can compare credit cards, different mortgages, and rates of different types of loans. If you have a bad credit history, there is a section where you can find credit card providers for bad credit. In case of financing, you may not find all providers on the website, but Uswitch is striving to cover the market as it can.



In today’s life, there is approximately no one who doesn’t have a specific type of insurance. Even employees are insured indirectly by their employers. When you apply for as insurance policy, you look for the highest possible cover with the lowest possible monthly premium payments. That’s what will be achieved by using Uswitch for comparison. There are different types of insurance and different insurance providers available on the website. These types include life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance as well.

Which providers are compared by Uswitch?


A lot of providers are available on Uswitch, they have a relationship with the website to help it updates its contents with their latest deals and offers so that the consumer can choose based on accurate prices. For example, energy providers on Uswitch include npower, shell energy, SSE, British gas, coop energy, and other providers. Considering broadband connections, there are a wide variety of deals from Vodafone, Virgin media, BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, EE, New Broadband, and others. You will also find different providers of phone contracts such as O2, Three, Sky mobile, Tesco mobile, Vodafone, and EE as well. For loans and mortgages, you will find different banks and financing providers such as Santander bank, Starling bank, and TSB. You will also find different deals from top insurance companies in UK including Aviva, Vitality, and others.

Finally, you need to know that a comparison website sometimes promotes some providers over others regardless their prices. So, be wise and use the website for its main purpose which is finding the best deal for the consumer.