Beginner's Guide To: Free Laptops with Broadband and Mobile Phone Deals

It's always great to get a free gift when you purchase an item, however when you're considering your mobile phone contract you need to be informed. Whilst many providers offer seemingly fantastic deals with amazing free gifts (such as laptops, gaming consoles and other electrical items) you must take time to ensure that the deal on offer is really worthwhile. In this guide we look at phone contracts that offer free laptops, and how you can ensure you get a great contract, as well as a great gift.

Considering the phone or broadband package first and foremost

Before you do anything you need to really look at the phone or broadband package on offer. Generally phone or broadband deals that come with a free gift have less favourable terms than deals that come without them, so inspecting the finer details is essential. By answering the following key questions, you can ensure that you're not getting a substandard deal:

- Are they offering sufficient free minutes, text or data allowances?

- How long is the contract?

- How much are the monthly repayments and how do they compare to similar packages without a free gift?

- Is it worth paying for the deal over the time of the contract when the price of the laptop and the phone will be much decreased?

Ensuring that the laptop on offer is one really worth having

With the excitement of receiving such a seemingly expensive item completely free it can be all too easy to overlook what's actually on offer. Ensuring that the laptop you're going to receive is of good quality is essential if you're to avoid having to pay a premium month on month for a laptop you could have purchased outright for a fraction of the cost. The following tips will help you through assessing the quality of the laptop.

Read expert reviews

Reading expert reviews should be your first port of call. This will help you weigh up how good a piece of technology the laptop on offer really is. IS the laptop from a well known brand? Are the specifications any good?

Read consumer opinion

A second stop for your research should be consumer review websites. Whilst expert opinion is a great basis for knowledge on a product, it's the consumers that have purchased who will really know how their item performs on a daily basis.

Look online to find the RRP of the laptop

Laptops that come as part of a phone or broadband deal are never going to be top of the range, but you need to check the current RRP to ensure that the monthly price you're paying isn't eclipsing the value of the laptop many times over.

Look on auction sites to see what their resell value is

Checking on auction websites for the laptop on offer is a great way of gauging how robust a machine it is; if the resell value is low then you know you have a low quality product on your hands; if conversely it is high then you know that the laptop in question is a fairly robust machine.