In order to stay fit and healthy, a daily exercise routine from 20 to 30 minutes should be followed. But, sometimes going to the gym on a regular basis is a challenge especially if you have a busy schedule. However, you can bring one of the most common gym equipment to your home to meet your fitness purposes.

Treadmill is an exercise equipment that boasts your overall fitness. You can use it for walking and running as well. In this topic, we will discuss benefits that make a treadmill an essential equipment to have at home, different types of treadmills, and best options to consider in the market.

Why we need Treadmills for home

There are many benefits you will get from having a treadmill at your home and you don’t have to worry about how it will be stored. There are many options that could be folded up and moved to be stored anywhere in a cupboard. Concerning having a treadmill at home for exercising, the following are the main benefits you will get.

Weight loss

This equipment helps a lot of people to lose weight, you can hardly find someone exercising regularly using a treadmill without having a fit body. Using it for walking or running helps to burn a lot of calories and this helps to improve the health of your heart and lungs as well as losing weight.

Preset Workout Programs

When you try to start exercising far from the gym, you may commit a common mistake which is training too hard at the beginning. This may lead to injuries and may discourage you to continue as you feel it’s hard to exercise. But, treadmills help avoid this mistake by regulating your speed of jogging or running. Some treadmills can also measure heart rate to make sure that you are running in the right zone.

Save money

Paying gym fees can be expensive for a lot of people especially if you go to the gym with other family members. A treadmill will save all fees that would be paid on the long run for you and other family members staying with you at home. So, it’s better to invest in this equipment that will serve the whole family for years.

It could be used anytime

Your busy schedule may not allow you to be committed to going to the gym on a regular basic. But, having a treadmill at your home will help you to justify your exercise time based on your schedule. So, you can use it at morning, at night, or whenever you want

Types of treadmills

There are different types of treadmills. Before getting one of them, you need to know which types could be used for your home and which is suitable for your weight. Here are three of the most common types of treadmills that could be used at your home.

Folding Treadmills


These treadmills usually selected for home because they are easily folded and stored. The running deck is folded forwards the console, or the console is folded towards the running deck. So, they can be stored vertically or horizontally and sometimes they are carried on trips by people who are fully committed to their exercise routine. Just remember that these treadmills are not the sturdiest type you can go for. If you have a spare area at home to give up for a treadmill and you will use it with your family for many hours every day, you are more recommended to consider a larger and sturdier type.

Manual treadmills


Manual treadmills are the cheapest type in the market. Most of manual treadmills are folding as well. They are easily and simply used because they don’t need power to operate. They are also more durable than other options regardless their cheap prices. But, if they don’t use electricity, how do they run? A manual treadmill can run on its own drive. After setting the required running level, you can maintain this level by your muscles while running with the right energy amount. So, you are the one who regulates this type. Unluckily, this type doesn’t provide a supportive regulation for beginners.

Electric treadmills


Electric treadmills are the most expensive type in the market, but they provide users with extra benefits related to managing their speed and implementing their target workout plan. An electric treadmill is powered by electricity. So, its speed could be adjusted easily to run according to your workout plan which make it more convenient and effective than other types.

Best treadmills on the market

When you look for a treadmill, you should consider the available space where you will use it at home. So, size and type of the chosen option should be considered. Here are four of the best treadmills in 2020 that will be perfect for at home.

 JTX Slim Line Flat – Motorized Treadmill


JTX Slim Line Flat is one of the best running machines, it is both electric and foldable. So, it will not use much space at home. It could be used by anyone with weight up to 110 kg. Thanks to its 1.5 horsepower electric motor, it provides the highest possible performance. It has 7 workout programs to choose from and adjustable speed up to 8.7 miles per hour. So, you can set it according to your exercise target and make modification based on your progress. It is also supported by hand pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate while running.

Finether - Running, Jogging and Walking Treadmill


This is one of the best options for home. Thanks to its 600 watt quiet motor, it will not upset people around you and you can use it while watching TV or listening to music. You can also monitor your speed and heart rate thanks to its LED display and heart rate sensors. Unluckily, it’s not for heavy people, the highest weight it can afford is 100 kg. this option is also foldable so that you will easily store it without giving up home space. It has three incline levels, flat, uphill, and downhill in addition to adjustable speed up to 6.2 miles per hour. So, you can easily set it according to your workout plan.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic


This is one of the best manual and budget options in the market. It has eight adjustable levels that enable you to set a workout plan that matches your challenging needs. This equipment is also supported by a multifunctional computer that tracks your progress and encourages you to go on. it also helps to monitor your speed, time spent, and calories burnt in order to modify your program to reach your desired results. It affords weights up to 100 kg and it is supported by built in wheels in order to be moved easily without the need to be carried.

NERO PRO Electric Motorized Treadmill


The NERO PRO is one of the best high-tech treadmills in the market. It could be run as a manual treadmill or an electric treadmill. The manual option have 3 incline levels in order to change challenges and maximize your results while the electric option has adjustable speed up to 6.2 mile per hour and 12 programs to choose from according to your workout plan. Furthermore being manual and electric, it has a foldable design that is easily folded and stored. You can also track your heart rate and fitness progress by its pulse sensors and LED display that is also used to monitor speed, distance, and burnt calories.