Broadband packages

No one in today’s life can live without the internet. We need it for communicating, streaming, and working as well. Thanks to the internet, a lot of people can easily run their business online from home. So, delays and low internet connectivity could be one of the most popular issues that face most of us in today’s life.

Broadband packages are the new trend of internet connection, they diminished memories of low internet connection. However, there are still some broadband provider who don’t provide the quality that everybody requires.

In this topic, we will talk about four of the best broadband providers to trust and we will mention some of the best broadband plans to consider for comparison. But, first of all, we need to know what benefits are provided by broadband packages.


What benefits provided by broadband packages?

A broadband package should be an essential element that supports everybody’s home. It provide you with many benefits related to communication, entertainment, learning, and even working. The following are the four main benefits you will get from a broadband package.


Using your phone for calling charges a lot of money especially when you call distant friends outside the country. But, if you have a broadband internet connection, you will be able to call your friends without the need to a phone line. You will need a microphone and a headset for your pc or just a Skype app for your smartphone to call anybody anywhere in the world.

Online education

Nowadays, there are a lot of educational sources available online for school children and university students. Some of these sources are Medias that could be streamed online, while some others are established to represent a virtual learning environment. Both types of online learning could be don comfortably from your home. But, a broadband connection should be available to access educational streaming media and virtual learning environment.

Remote working

A lot of companies now provide their employees the opportunity to work from home, so that they can spend much time with their family. So, a broad band internet connection is essential to link your mobile to your computer and other facilities that are used for work. The faster your broadband speed the more efficient your remote working. The same as employees, people who run their own business from home can’t do it without a broadband connection. With remote working, you will save a lot of money that would be paid on renting an office and transportation costs.

Audio and video online streaming

With a broadband connection, you will be able to access thousands of entertainment sources online, you will be able to stream audio and video on a wide range of websites. Furthermore, you will be able to play interesting online games with other players all over the world.

Best providers of broadband

In general, broadband packages are the best option you should go for in order to have the best internet connection speed. But, some providers don’t provide what you really expect and sometimes they don’t provide what you have agreed up on. Not to fall in this trap, we packed four of the trustiest broadband providers in UK to choose between and trust in them.



EE provides customers with the fastest possible internet speed and a wide range of plans to choose between. But, its offers are a little bet expensive when compared to other providers. What is encouraging about EE is its strong coverage all over the UK. Regarding the available speed options, you can choose the standard option if your internet usage is not too much, its speed is up to 17 Mb, you can also go for the fibre optic cable that provide speeds ranging from 38 Mb to 76 Mb. For the maximum speeds, EE provides the fibre max broadband with speeds ranging from 145 Mb to 300 Mb. Regarding customer satisfaction, EE scores the highest possible rates and the lowest number of complaints. Despite being more expensive than other competitors, you can find deals starting from £19 per month if you need it for home or small business needs.


Vodafone is one of the cheapest broadband providers in UK. It has entered this industry recently as it began to provide broadband packages only five years ago. However, it makes great moves in the market thanks to its good coverage and encouraging deals. It offers broadband speeds that range from 38 Mb to 76 Mb, but it doesn’t provide maximum speed that are provided by EE and it doesn’t provide low speeds as well. But, it charges £20 per month as an average cost for its broadband packages. This price could save a lot of money if compared to prices of other providers.

Virgin media


As well as EE, Virgin media provides the fastest broadband connections in UK and the most expensive as well. Customers who go for Virgin medial usually look for superfast and reliable speeds. You can choose a connection speed from 50 Mb to 350 Mb. But, before choosing Virgin media, you need to make sure that is coverage is good for your area because it covers only half the UK. If you are lucky to exist in its coverage area, you might be a loyal customer of Virgin media and you may be recommend others to buy its packages. Prices of its packages start from £29. So, make sure that your budget is not the main factor that affects your choice if you want to buy one of these packages.



Plusnet is one of the best broadband providers in UK. It has a great coverage all over the UK and its broadband packages are one of the cheapest among all competitors, even fibre broadband are relatively cheap. The only cons is the long waiting time to get your broadband package. Plusnet provide customers with both standard packages up to 17 Mb and fibre packages that range from 38 Mb to 76 Mb. It is also known for its satisfied customers after getting the service and low rate of complaints. But, you will need to wait until you get the service. Standard packages of Plusnet cost £15 per month while fibre packages cost £20 per month as an average price.                                                               

Top broadband plans to consider


There are two factors that determine if a broadband plan is the best for your needs or not. The monthly price and the guaranteed speed you will get from such a plan. There is a wide variety of broadband plans that meets all budget and speed needs. The following are some of the best plans to consider.

M100 Fibre Broadband from virgin media

This is one of the best broadband plans provided by Virgin media for heavy internet users. It costs £42 per month for 108 Mb internet speed and unlimited monthly downloads. Setting up fees are £35 and sometimes it is sat up for free. This broadband plan is suitable for households with up to nine members and users of internet connection.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband from Plusnet

Plusnet provides an unlimited Fibre plan that costs only £23 per month for 36 Mb internet speed and unlimited monthly downloads. The cost of setting this broadband up is £23 that is paid at the beginning and the contract lasts for 18 months.

Unlimited Broadband from EE

This is one of the cheapest broadband plans provided by EE. It costs only £20 per month for 10 Mb internet speed and unlimited monthly downloads. Setting this broadband up is free of upfront cost. This broadband is primary chosen by households who don’t use the internet for heavy tasks.

Superfast 2 Fibre Broadband from Vodafone

This Vodafone broadband plan is one of the most value for price plan you can ever have in UK. For only £23 you will enjoy 63 Mb internet speed and unlimited download speed. The 63 Mb is the average speed but the guaranteed speed is 55 Mb. This broadband is sat up for free and the contract length is 2 years. If you want to enjoy reasonable internet for low monthly fees, this plan could be your best choice.