Distance learning

Distance learning or remote studying is one of the best technological improvement that has fulfilled the dream of many students all over the world. With distance learning, students became able to receive education from top universities without having to travel from their country or even move from their home. Now, you are able to receive learning materials at home and be educated through virtual learning environments and online face-to-face interactions. Universities also assure that their distance learning programs are the same quality as their campus-based programs.

But, will you gain a degree from top universities through distance learning? Of course you will improve your academic skills but you may still asking about the possibility of receiving a degree to increase your employment opportunities. You may be also confused about the best place you should consider for distance learning. All of this will be uncovered by this topic. But, first of all, you need to know what types of courses available to learn remotely and which applications are commonly used for distance learning.



Types of courses available

Courses are usually taught online in different forms. You may have heard about terms related to forms of online courses, but you may not understand what every term refers to. So, we are here to differentiate between types of courses that are available online.

Peer Instruction

This is a new type of courses provided by Harvard University. According to peer instruction, there is no interaction between students and their teacher. But, a detailed course posted on a virtual clipboard for students. Then, students will be required to discuss materials themselves and cooperate to answer some conceptual questions. This helps student to think together and argue until they reach the correct answers. This enable the instructor to assess the understanding ability of his students.

Flipped Courses

This type of courses is the most common type online. It could be referred to as a twist of real world classes. While most of the teaching time in real world is used for discussing the subject by the instructor and little time is left for questions and interaction, the opposite is applied by flipped courses. Only quarter the time is used for discussing, then the teacher interact with students through questions and answers for the rest of the lecture.


This type is the most similar to campus teaching. Both students and their teacher will meet in a virtual online classroom. Then the teacher will start teaching the module and allow his students to interact from time to time to keep their engagement.

Hybrid Course

This type is a combination between face-to-face and flipped courses. Student will have more time specialized for interaction with their teacher and the face-to-face instruction will be still available but limited.

Massive Open Online Courses

This type is applied mostly by universities as it is used to target large numbers of students. A university professor usually use this form of online earning to present his course into a virtual channel with full instruction. So, the course could be attended once by more than 50 students.

Top learning applications

In real world, you may be required to consider different learning associations if you desire to learn unrelated courses such as language and computer courses. But, with online learning you can use a lot of useful learning applications that contain a wide variety of courses. You can simply use these applications by your tablet or smartphone. Here are four of the most common learning applications to consider.



Coursera is one of the best and the richest learning applications that contain a wide variety of courses. It offers more than 1,000 courses related to different topics such as math, science, and technology. Each course is taught through lectures, assignments, and videos. After you finish a specific course, you will receive a completion certificate. You will need to pay for some courses while other are available for free.



Udemy is one of the best options to consider if you want to enrich your skills. It contains courses related to adobe and Microsoft products. Furthermore, you can learn public skills such as cooking and speaking. Most courses on Udemy are offered for free but you will need to pay for detailed courses. The teaching strategy of Udemy is primarily based on video contents. You may also be required to do some work while watching its teaching videos to maximize your outcomes.



There aren’t words enough to describe YouTube as the best learning application you can ever use. Approximately all what you want to learn is available on YouTube. You can search for videos related to your learning subject or you can search for educational channels that usually contain all tutorials related to the subject you want to learn. In general, YouTube is a free application to use, but you will be required to sacrifice few minutes watching ads. You can also use YouTube Red which is the paid option of YouTube that plays videos without ads.



After being introduced in 2014, Duolingo has become a popular option for a lot of people because it provides fun and entertainment while learning. It focuses on language learning. As a beginner, you will be taught through easy mini games. Then, lessons will be harder and games will be more complicated as you go. There are many different languages to learn on Duolingo. Luckily, there is no advertisements while learning and all the available contents are offered for free. So, both your time and money are saved.

Could you gain a degree with distant learning?

In order to gain a degree from top UK universities, international students usually pay a lot of money not only for studying but also for accommodation expenses until they complete their courses and come back to their country. Luckily, you can save all accommodation costs by distance learning that will enable you to gain your degree while you are at home. But, you should know that even online courses from top UK universities have fixed schedule of classes and you will have to justify your daily routines to be committed. There are a variety of courses that enable you to gain a degree in UK and the cost of getting these courses online is relatively affordable.

How much does it cost?

Having a degree through distance learning saves you a lot of money. Furthermore avoiding accommodation expenses and attendance costs, you will pay lower fees for courses than what students pay in real life classes. But, you should know that some universities and some courses are more expensive than others. In general, the cost of having an academic degree in UK will range from £2,500 to £15,000. However, you have the option of having a certificate instead of a degree only £200 or a little bit more.

How to choose from the available options


The dream of many students is to gain a degree from a UK university because UK universities are of the most famous universities all over the world. But, when it comes to distance learning, you need to choose a university that ranks for providing the best online studies. Here are four of the best UK universities that provide different degrees through distance learning including bachelors, masters, and PhDs.

University of Nottingham

This is one of the greatest universities all over the world. It’s known for having partnerships with a lot of international universities. Nottingham University has its own teachers who are the brightest in their fields and the best to provide great satisfaction for students. The only cons here it the high cost of distance learning. The average fees for undergraduates are about £11,000 while the average fees for postgraduates are about £15,000.

University College London

This university is one of the outstanding UK universities due to its progressive teaching and ongoing research. There is a wide range of degrees you can gain from having a distance learning from University College London. They include masters and diplomas such as MBA degrees. One of the main advantages of University College London is its affordable distance learning cost. It’s about £3,000 on average for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known for its online programs that are completely similar to on campus programs. You even gain a degree without mentioning that you were learning online. The only different is the flexibility of learning. In general, learning programs take 3 years. But, you may be flexible to complete them online at a shorter time. Furthermore the available degrees, you will have access to career consultant who will help you to choose the right route for your potentials. Cost of online degrees here is also affordable. It’s about £4,000 for undergraduates and £5,000 for postgraduates.

University of Birmingham

Birmingham University provide students with outstanding experience because they are taught by global experts. There are a wide variety of degrees including masters and PhDs in many different fields such as business, medicine, education, arts, humanities, and more. The average cost of online degrees from Birmingham University is £3,500 for undergraduates and £4,000 for postgraduates.