Online yoga

For someone who had never done yoga, it’s just a physical exercise that improves the physical condition of people. Of course it improves the physical condition but this is just the visible benefit of yoga. But in fact, there are extra invisible benefits you will get by practicing yoga.

Thanks to the technological improvement, you can now do yoga from home by attending an online yoga course. It helps trainers to reach a lot of people at the same time and helps people to do it conveniently at home without the need to go to a yoga class.

So, what are the different benefits you will get by practicing yoga? Is it good to do it at home? How much does it cost to join an online course? How can you select the best online yoga course? And which online providers are the best to consider? We are here to discuss all of these questions through our topic.

Why to do yoga

There are many different benefits of Yoga. Some of them are visible while others are not. You will not feel of all of them until doing it yourself. Here are some of the main benefits you will getby practicing yoga.

Yoga is a great workout

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can be as beneficial for your body as going to the gym. Of course not all yoga movements are done to strengthen your body. But, there are a lot of physical movements that will make your body stronger.

Yoga improves your sleeping

Yoga has also helped a lot of people who find difficulties when they go to bed. There are some poses and movements that are practiced before going to bed so that you will sleep quickly. These movements worked well with all people and sometimes you may fall asleep during your class.

Yoga make you feel more spiritual

According to yoga, spiritual have different meanings. It means being more religious, more centered, or more connected to the universe. When you feel more spiritual, you will have a different insight about the world. You will be happier and more positive.

Yoga relieves pain and stress

Some types of yoga are practiced to relieve pain and stress. But, these types should be practiced based on a trainer’s instructions. Yoga can relieve headache, arthritis, and back pain. It can also improve your digestion system and your circulation. Furthermore, you will learn to breathe according to different situations and this will help you to not being stressed as you will control emotions of different situations.

Is home a good option for doing yoga?

When people decide to practice yoga, some of them think that a yoga class that is guided by a trainer is the only place to consider. But with online yoga, it has become too much easier to do yoga from home. It could even be more recommended because of some reasons including the following:

It’s less expensive

Some people avoid going to yoga classes because they may not afford their cost. Luckily, online yoga is too much cheaper if compared to yoga classes. You can also buy a full DVD course produced by an expert trainer for a price that could be paid for only two classes.


It builds confident

In front of a class, you may lose confidence when you try to do specific movements and poses. But, a private practicing at home will let you feel free to try different poses with confidence. You may fail for few times but at last you will do it and build a sequence of difficult poses.

It’s more convenient

At home, you are not committed to a specific time as the case in yoga classes. You have more flexibility to decide when to do yoga. Furthermore, you will avoid wasting a lot of time listening to instructions. So, an online yoga at home is more convenient and time saving.

Cost of online yoga


Online yoga is not just cheaper than yoga classes, it will also save your travel cost. The reason why online sessions are cheaper than yoga classes is the possibility of being attended by more people online. The cost of an online session could be cheaper than quarter the price of a yoga class. Based on the provider expertise the cost varies. While you may be required to pay £40 on average for a lesson at a yoga class,you can have as low prices as £5 per online session. But, you are more recommended to book a monthly unlimited pass that will save you approximately half the price if you paid per session.

How to choose the right course

Choosing the right online course of yoga is similar to choosing the right yoga class. So, you should be patient when you choose your course from the wide range of online options. Here are three major tips should be followed to come up with the best possible decision.

Avid large groups

A yoga course doesn’t start before the group is complete. But, different courses determines different numbers of participants. Try to choose a small group to avoid being lost in the crowd. Make sure that your group consists of at most 20 participants.

Pick the program that you really love

You will not know which yoga program you really love before studying the history of each program, the way it is practiced, and its benefits. Spend enough time on this step before selecting your beloved program. Then, look for online yoga trainers who provide your chosen program.

Pick the right teacher

Yoga is like any field of study, without expert teacher you will not reach the top of your program. In case of yoga, choosing the right teacher should be based on his expertise and belief. If you need it for your physical status, you should choose an expertise trainer who believe that yoga is made for physical strength. But, if you need it as a spiritual pass, you should choose a trainer who believe in the spiritual effect of yoga. Apply the same if you need yoga for other purposes.

Top providers of online yoga

Never think that it will be impossible for a beginner to do yoga at home correctly if it’s your first time. With online yoga, there are some trusted providers who enrich their online courses with live classes, tutorial programs, and expert trainers. They will help you to do it as in a real yoga class. Here are four of the best providers to consider.

FLEX Chelsea


FLEX Chelsea is a British fitness studio that provide yoga programs as one of its main classes. It provides yoga classes online through Zoom calls. There are different types of yoga provided including power yoga, Yin yoga, revive yoga, and chill yoga. For people who spend a lot of time at home, the revive option could be more recommended because it helps them to maintain their fitness status. The class usually takes 60 minutes and it costs only £5.



HelloYoga is an online yoga website and an application as well. It provide a lot of classes supported by many tutorials. You are flexible to select your preferred time and trainer. There are also personalized classes for more effectiveness if you are still a beginner. Only expert trainers work on HelloYoga and this is one of the main factors than make it outstanding. You will be offered a free trial week at first. Then, you have the option to book 2 sessions for £39 or 4 sessions for £49.



1Rabel is a British gym that provide both workout programs and yoga classes. Both of them are also offered online through their home-based service that is called 1Rabel TV. Online yoga classes of 1Rabel is more focused on enhancing the physical strength. When you sign up for the first time, you will have a free trial for 5 days. Then, you will have to options, either to book a month for £15.99 or save on booking three months for £25.99.



Yogi2Me is one of the most unique providers of yoga classes in UK. It provides tailored classes to you and a private instructor is sent to your home for training, advising, and answering your questions. This service is called one-to-one instructor and it costs £24. However, there is a free class provided on a daily basis for free but it suggests that you donate to Beder charity. Online yoga classes of Yogi2Me are as perfect as their tailored one-to-one instructor service.