Delivery services

In today’s open world, shipping companies are competing to provide best delivery services for both individuals and companies especially international companies regardless their size or nature of store activity. Delivery services are too important because shipping is a primary component in every online purchase. A shipping company plays the role of delivering products that are purchased from merchants to buyers and sometimes they collect the cost of these products and bring it back to merchants. You can also rely on shipping companies if you want to deliver an object to someone else wherever he lives.

The main question that would be asked by anyone who seeks a delivery service is which company is more trustworthy to select. In this topic, we will tell you how to find the best delivery company among all the available options and we will mention some of the best providers of delivery services

How to find a trustworthydelivery company

Delivery companies can deliver parcels, messages, products, and other objects. Sometimes you want to deliver a precious object that requires more care. So, what should be provided by a delivery company to be trustworthy? When you find the following elements provided by a delivery company, make sure that you can trust it.


Caring means providing delivery services without partiality. So, if your package is less profitable for the delivery company, it should also be treated like large packages. Furthermore, a trusted delivery company should consider special care for specific objects. For example, letters and gadgets should be kept far from water or other liquids and fragile objects should be kept safe to avoid being delivered broken.


Some companies try to provide the top possible delivery service for new clients just to be loyal. Then, they reduce the quality of service after feeling that they became a trustworthy option for their clients. In fact, these are the worst options. A trustworthy company should provide a consistent level of perfect delivery services.


Some delivery companies provide insurance and these companies are the most to trust even if they charge extra fee for this service. So, if you want to deliver expensive appliances such as an LED TV to someone else, you are recommended to deal with a delivery company that insures your package against damage or loss.


Speed is one of the main factors that make people prefer some delivery companies over others. The best delivery company is the one that doesn’t take much time to deliver your package. When you choose a delivery company, you will not trust a company that is known for delayed packages.


A comprehensive report about where your package is and when it is expected to be delivered is usually needed by customers to have peace of mind. So, a tracking service with such comprehensive reposts is usually provided by top companiesfrom preparation of the package until being delivered to their receivers.

Top providers of delivery services

There are different international delivery companies to consider. But, to narrow down your list and make it less confusing to find a trustworthy company, here are four of the most outstanding delivery companies in the world.



FedEx is a leading international company in the field of logistics and transportation. I was established in 1971 in United States. Headquarter of the company is located in Memphis, US. It provide merchanttocustomer delivery services all over the world especially in Europe and US. FedEx are also known for its top customer satisfaction. It’s also known for being one of the richest delivery companies that also provide the highest salaries for its employees.



DHL was founded in 1969. DHL as a term refers to its founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblum, and Robert Lane. At first, their idea was based on delivering documents by air. Then, the company achieved quick growth and now it managed to be the biggest shipping company in the world. It covers over 220 companies and territories and employs over 360,000 employees from different countries. DHL adapts a customer focused mentality that enabled the company to rank as one of the best delivery companies to achieve customer satisfaction.



UPS is one of the most established shipping companies and the oldest between all other competitors, it was founded in 1907. At the beginning, UPS was only delivering messages and parcels between cities and some countries. Then, the company expanded after World War 2 and in just few years it has succeeded to be one of the best delivery companies in the world. UPS has over 6 million employees and serves over 220 countries all over the world.



Aramex is at ranked as one of the biggest delivery companies in the world that provide home delivery services all over the world. It is founded in Saudi Arabia and serves customers from countries all over the world. One of the best features of the company it its tracking service on its website that enable customers to know where their package is. It delivers documents, papers, parcels, and other objects through both air freight and sea freight services.

What to do in case your parcel is notdelivered


In some cases, you may not receive your parcel on time. In such case, a lot of people mistakenly complain to the delivery company. But, late or missing deliveries should be complained to the retailer because your contract is not with the delivery company.

According to the Consumer Right Act, your delivered package is the responsibility of the retailer. There are other rules to consider if your parcel is not delivers including the following:

  • Even if your order is delayed, missed, or damaged because of the shipping company, you should complain to the retailer.
  • If your order is delivered damaged, you have the right to get a replacement or reject the order and receive a refund.
  • Based on the Consumer Right Act, your order shouldn’t be delayed more than 30 days otherwise you will have the right to cancel the order.
  • If you paid extra money for express delivery and you received your order in normal time or later, you have the right to claim back your paid extra money.
  • Based on Consumer Contracts Regulations, most goods shipping orders could be cancelled within 14 days from creating the order. But, some items are exempted from this regulation.