Food delivery

In today’s life, everything could be delivered to your home including clothes, furniture, and even food. In fact, food delivery has become one of the booming markets in the world. That’s because most people now prefer to get a takeaway rather than eating at restaurants. This maybe because our today’s busy world that makes it difficult for people to waste more time at restaurants.

So, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of appscompeting to provide the best possible food delivery service. The best app for food delivery is the one that takes the shortest time to deliver food and charges the lowest fees for the service. 

In this topic, we will talk about the best food delivery apps to consider. But first of all, you need to know which types of food could be ordered for delivery.


Types of food you can get delivery for

Some food types could be ordered for delivery while others shouldn’t be. That’s because not all types will be still delicious if they lost heat and not all types could be reheated easily. So, not to spend money on delivery and then throw food out, here are types of food you can get delivery for.


Grilled meats

Anyone who has tasted a grilled food knows who tasty it is even when it is left for a while. It doesn’t lose its texture or flavor. So, grilled meat such as steak, veggies, and lamb should be one of the best types of food to consider for delivery. They are prepared well be restaurants and packed by materials that keep them hot until being delivered. Even if they were less hot, you can reheat them easily.


Noodle dishes

There are a lot of Noodle dishes to consider such as Ramen and Pad Thai. These dishes are one of the best food to consider for delivery. But, they should be packed appropriately not to go wrong because of motion. So, most restaurants pack Noodles in a different way from other types of food to keep them fresh. Soup, Noodles, and sauces are packed separately to make sure that when they arrive the dish will be still hot. But, there are also cold Noodles that require less soup. These types are also delicious and easy to pack.


Fried chicken

Fried food is one of the most popular dishes that are ordered continuously for delivery. It is delicious and also meets the fact that people doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on eating. Fried chicken is a dish that is contains coated chicken pieces that are covered by crust or crisp coating from exterior. There are three forms of fried chicken, pan fried chicken that use minimal oil, deep fried chicken that flood chicken with oil, and pressure fried chicken that is cooked quickly by high temperature.


Hot sandwiches

A hot sandwich is a popular option that is usually ordered for delivery especially by busy people. There are different options such as steak sandwiches or chicken sandwiches. Hot sandwiches are usually delivered faster than any other type of food. So, you are sure to have at least a warm sandwich. Even if it lost temperature while being in transit, you can easily reheat it through a microwave oven to have a hot sandwich with crunchy exterior. Another option that make people prefer to order hot sandwiches is the lack of ingredients to prepare them at home. So, they decide to eat something different from what they eat at home.


How to choose food for delivery

If you are sick at home or busy at work, all what you need is to pick up your phone and use a food delivery app to order food. There are different apps to use for such purpose. But, to have the best food delivery experience, you need to rely on top food delivery apps. Here are three of the best options to consider.


Uber Eats

Uber eats is one of the best food delivery apps to use in UK. It doesn’t leave you searching for the available restaurants besides your location, it pulls information from your account to recommend the nearest restaurants to your area. So, you can easily order food from that will be delivered as fast as possible. Furthermore, there are some useful tools to classify options according to prices or dietary options such as vegan, vegetarian, and halal. Ube eats app is now available for both iOS and Android users.

Delivery fees: in general, fees are ranging from £1 to £2.5 per order. But, sometimes it reaches £3.5.



Deliveroo could be the most popular food delivery app in UK. You can hardly spend some time walking without watching a delivery man from Deliveroo passing by a motorcycle or a bicycle with food boxes. Deliveroo provide users a wide range of restaurants to order from and you can receive your order right to your door. Deliveroo was founded in 2013. However, in these few years it managed to grow dramatically. Now, it serves consumers is 12 countries rather than UK. In UK, it serves residents in over 84 cities and towns. This growth has been achieved by its high-quality delivery service, the quickest delivery service, and by providing more jobs for riders.This app is also now available for both iOS and Android users.

Delivery fees: up to £2.50 per order


Just Eat

Just eat is a worldwide app that is used for food delivery in over 13 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. This app is known for its great coverage and the fastest delivery time. So, wherever you are, you can receive your order from Just Eat as soon as possible. Just Eat also provide different delivery options for consumers to satisfy all different demands. The app interface is also user friendly and supported by payment getaways to make it easier for consumers to pay for their orders. You can download Just Eat for both iOS and Android systems. Whether you want pizza, Indian, Mexican or Chinese food, you just have to make few clicks to get it.

Delivery fees: some orders are delivered for free while other fees range up to £4 per order.


How much time could you wait for delivery?

Generally, restaurants don’t want their consumers to wait for food delivery. But, there are some factors that may delay your order such as the type of food you has ordered, your location, and your used food delivery app.

In normal cases, food takes from 45 minutes to one hour to be delivered and this is the average delivery time that provide satisfaction for customers. However, some customers are also prepared to wait a little bit more because sometimes food delivery takes over an hour.

In few cases, food could be delivered in less than 45 minutes, you can be lucky to receive your order in only 30 minutes if you are so close to the restaurant and your order is easy to be prepared.


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