This is a special notification to declare our privacy policy and to inform the visitors to our website about what we can do to protect your data to the best of our interest and what we cannot.

We do not collect personal details like your name, age, address, date of birth or email address. We have no recording facility to record such details. At the same time we would like to make it clear that the details mentioned may be requested by the third party links visited from our websites and our privacy policy does not apply for such actions. We do use third party affiliate links to monetize the traffic and it is not practically possible to vet each affiliate link in our website. In their own interest visitors are hereby informed that they make sure about the privacy policies of the affiliate links before divulging or sharing their personal details with them.

The only details we hold about the visitors are what are retained by our Web Server. The details collected are the IP address, location from which the browsing is done, duration of stay in the website and the pages visited. These details are statutory and collected by every website but with these details no individual can be traced out. Further visitors are informed that if browsing is done with a quality firewall system protecting the computer, then these details cannot be recorded. This information is given with a view to the visitors to throw more clarity about our privacy policy related to our websites. Visitors to our website can feel secure with the above privacy policy. We hope that these details will optimise the site and will be a pleasant experience to the visitors to our website. If you enter your email address – you can be sure – we are not storing it in our database or forwarding it to our affiliate partner so it won’t be included in any mailing lists.

We would also like to inform that our website is not using cookies to track the browsing behaviour of our visitors.

Still, if you are not satisfied with our privacy policy and in need of more clarification, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] .